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Ocean Thunder
Ocean Thunder
214 Lighthouse Avenue
Monterey,CA 93940
(831) 643-9169
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OCEAN THUNDER is a locals establishment that is made up of working class people and professionals alike. We are not so much a clientele, as we are an extended family of friends, sharing humor, laughter, a love of good music, and a strong sense of camaraderie. This is the type of club that reminds you of some haunt you frequented in your own home town, no matter where you may come from. We are casual and cordial, and the friendships that are made here seem to be lifelong lasting. Whether you first come for the pool tournaments on Tuesday evenings, the dart tournament on Wednesdays, the music and dancing on weekends with one of the Monterey Bay Areas best bands, or one of the many Harley Davidson Bike Runs that stop here on Sundays for our barbecues, it is a place that others continually tell their friends about, and gravitate back to on a regular basis. Yes we are "Biker Friendly", and having sometimes upwards of a hundred Harleys sitting out front is truly an artistic feast of color and chrome for the eyes and a "THUNDEROUS" drum chorus for the ears! Many a lasting romance has started in the intimate surroundings of our back patio and fireplace, and our "Backlot Patio Bar", with its lush garden atmosphere and blued night lighting and these couples now call our home theirs. Tourists both from other areas of the state and internationally, keep in touch on a regular basis, and our OCEAN THUNDER hats and T-shirts have been spotted as far away as from Amsterdam to Tokyo. So if you would like to join us on any occasion to get a true sense of the people of Monterey and our growing family from around the world, please stop by and introduce yourself and we'll do likewise, because this place really has become much more than just a watering hole, it is truly a social experience that shouldn't be missed by anyone passing through one of the most beautiful areas on God's blue green earth.
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