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Angel's Icehouse
Angel's Icehouse
21815 West
Spicewood,TX 7869
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Angel's Icehouse is a new business built from the ground up. Construction began in August of 2003. It is a work in progress. In addition to what you see now, future development phases include outdoor wood decking, outdoor beer huts, outdoor grills, fire pits, stages, additional parking, etc. Our goal is to create a comfortable, cozy and safe environment for our guests with emphasis on enjoyment of the natural surroundings. The name, Angel's Icehouse, was derived with the help from a friend. Not only did we just like the name, but our establishment is close to a subdivision development called Angel Bay. We thought that this would help with location identification. The sign is something special to us. After we had decided on a name, another friend found this sign in Pasadena, Texas, non operational and full of cow patties. It is an original 1950 red porcelain neon sign that was used by the Angel family in Pasadena. They owned a large catering company, and this was the sign that they used on their main place of business. It was restored here in Austin by Hylite Signs. The main part of our bar has a history also. The curved part with the marble is actually a bank counter from Witchita Falls, Texas. It was originally built in the 1800's, and still has the original marble and brass fittings. Rumor has it, that this was the counter that witnessed a robbery from Bonnie and Clyde. The design of the bar was built based on this counter by Bruce Nordstom, a local carpenter. Icehouse actually was a term used many years ago when there was little or no refrigeration available to the public. Houses that stored ice that people could buy for use in their homes, quickly became gathering spots for people during the hot months. It was one of the few places that people could come drink a cold beverage. We wanted to combine that feeling of the neighborhood hang out and loved the idea of presenting an ice cold beverage to our guests. We have expanded on the icehouse theme, by adding a full bar and food for our patrons.
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