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Jim Lauderdale
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Jim Lauderdale is a multi-talented performer and songwriter, with successes in both country and bluegrass music. His roots stem from the Carolinas, yet his career has taken him all over the United States and abroad, making him an international recording artist with an ever-growing fan base. He has hosted the Americana Music Awards for the past three years and won their first Artist of the Year and Song of the Year awards. He is among Nashville's "A" list of songwriters, with songs recorded by artists such as Patty Loveless, Dixie Chicks, Mark Chestnut, Vince Gill and George Strait. He also contributed several songs to the successful soundtrack of the film, "Pure Country." His songs continue to strike a chord with a new generation of artists including Gary Allan and Blake Shelton. Jim's musical influences include the legendary Dr. Ralph Stanley and George Jones. These influences and his unique sense of melody and lyric help forge a sound that is truly his own. As a performer his credits include production, writing and collaborating on albums such as, "Wait 'Til Spring" with Donna the Buffalo, "Headed for the Hills” with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, "I Feel Like Singing Today" and the Grammy winning “Lost in the Lonesome Pines” with Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys. Jim’s solo albums include “The Hummingbirds” (Dualtone 2002), “The Other Sessions” (Dualtone 2001), “Onward Through it All” (RCA 1999), “Whisper” (BNA 1997), “Persimmons” (Upstart 1996), “Every Second Counts” (Atlantic 1995), “Pretty Close to the Truth” (Atlantic 1994), and “Planet of Love” (Reprise 1991), as well as his two brand new releases “Country Super Hits, Volume 1” and “Bluegrass” (Yep Roc 2006). "It's been a particularly great period for me," says Lauderdale. "Thanks to the records - I'm performing more and more, which I love. And I love that I can play the Opry one weekend, a jam-band festival the next and then a bluegrass festival the following week. That's really inspiring to me and I think there's a real thread there. The roots are the same for all of them and that's the music I'm interested in."
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Average Rating : 4.4              Total Reviews: 8

Jim Lauderdale  12/13/2006            
Super Country Hits is only a pipe dream for this cd. With the exception of "I met Jesus in A bar" . It was co-written with a female. I think Jim has a great voice but even after several releases included two released at the same time show that Jim is still searching to find his real self.
Jim Lauderdale  07/18/2006            
This is one of the best albums I have ever heard, no matter what genre.
Jim Lauderdale  04/19/2005            
Mason Dixon
Lonestar Music does not have enough availlable stars for Jim Lauderdale's rating from this critic. Honorary, indeed!
Jim Lauderdale  03/01/2003            
Thanks to Jim Lauderdale for being a stellar musician and writer. Real country music needs more like him. And thank you so much for your work with The Derailers.
Jim Lauderdale  01/24/2003            
You're pretty good at connecting those dots. . .You know who else has low reviews compared to most? Jack, Charlie, Bruce, Buddy, Julie, Allison, Willie, ZZ Top, to name a few. You know who's got a lot of reviews: Pat, Cory, Roger, West 84, Cross Canadian, Blue Edmondson, Miranda. Guess which group sucks? I'm probably someone you've seen. . .often. But please, don't penalize Jim's album that you've never heard just because of little ol me. . . I didn't mean to make it so obvious. But if I didn't, most folks wouldn't take the bait. In fact, next time I'll come up and tap you on the shoulder, would that be too obvious? I get bored and get on this site, just to see what people will react to. OK Smarty Pants here's a riddle : 013, 015, 011, 014, 017, 020, ST26, ST30, ST34, ST36. . . who am I? Tag! You're it.
Jim Lauderdale  01/24/2003            
James...it is obvious that you are 'Jenny Barnes' as well! You write a review on Miranda talking about Jim L...."Jim Lauderdale doesn't even have this many reviews on LoneStarMusic as Miranda does"...then you head that way and write one!
Jim Lauderdale  01/24/2003            
Congratulations! If you're reading this review you might actually have taste. It's a shame that Jim is associated with Texas Music at all. For those of you who have ever had the privilege to see Jim in concert, you're missing a life changing experience. His kind of talent is so rare, and his band follows suit. Seeing Jim is like eating a big slice of humble pie, and coming back for seconds. I remember when I was a kid and my Dad would take me to see some incredible non-main stream acts. I remember thinking that I would never be able to play as well as they did. Year's later, I remember getting that same feeling while watching Jim at Poor David's Pub in Dallas. There were only 10 people there. That's the problem with much of today's music. You look at any given artist and you say to yourself, "i can do that!" My, how times have changed. As for his recorded projects, he's such a superb lyricist and musician. I've often wondered why Jim hasn't achieved more popular success as those who have performed his songs. Clearly George Straight would be missing many, many #1 hits without Jim Lauderdale. Maybe he's not interested in being popular, but rather focuses his attention with being good at what he does. But like other power house talent's like the late Gram Parsons, and his close friend Buddy Miller, somehow if God gives great talent to someone, it almost is never recognized or appreciated in it's own time. It kind of makes me sad that his music doesn't stir up the college crowd the way Pat Green would. Of course, you might not enjoy yourself at a pat green show without the help of booze. Jim's music don't require booze, just anyone with an ear to hear. With all the mediocrity that rules the Texas Music scene today, Jim is one of the few real deals out there.
Jim Lauderdale  06/21/2002            
Your friend
Jim is an absoloute bad-ass. He's the epitome of a country rock-star. In no less words, he's like a God.
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