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Josh Ward
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Memorial Day weekend, 2010, marked the release date for the first live album released by the Josh Ward Band.  The album, titled simply "Josh Ward Band - Live", was recorded in Houston in the previous March in front of a rabid audience of 2000 plus people.  With six songs off of Josh's original studio effort "Hard Whiskey", three previously unreleased originals, and covers of three of the bands favorites, it marked the six year anniversary for this hard working, hard living East Texas quartet.

Lead singer Josh Ward wears his influences on his sleeve.  On his hat.  On his beat up old Takamine guitar.  George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and Merle Haggard pour out of him like rain pours off a roof during a thunderstorm.  His delivery is always honest and heartfelt.  He's one of those rare singer/songwriters who seems completely incapable of just going through the motions.  He FEELS every single word of every single song.  Fellow songwriter Mike Ethan Messick once said of Josh, "Josh Ward sings like Mike Tyson hits.  Hard.  

Today the band is working diligently on writing new material for their next studio release, and gearing up for a touring schedule that most Texas bands would either die to have, or run away scared of.  The Josh Ward Band is without a doubt one of the hardest working bands in Texas.  You never have to question what is important to these men, because they'll tell you on stage every night in the form of a toast --

"Here's to good friends, may they never leave you.
 Here's to good family, may they always stand behind you.
 And here's to damn good honky tonk Texas music, and keeping it alive!"

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Josh Ward  10/25/2009            
We saw Josh and his Band at the 2009 Ziegfest last night and you guys we awesome. We wish you could have played longer. After each set we kept saying, "the first band was much better." Your sound and enter action with the croud was exactly what we needed to start the day off. We cannot wait until Dec when you play at the Firehouse. Keep rockin'!
Josh Ward  09/18/2009            
Josh is AWESOME! He is gonna make it big I just know it! Can't wait to travel the country to see him! You rock Josh!
Josh Ward  01/02/2009            
Rock'n H
Look up TX Music anywhere and you'll see Josh Ward Band, loud and proud! Josh and the boys always deliver from their heart and soul, no matter how many nights they've played, or how many miles they've driven. Get out, catch a JWB show, and you'll be hooked!
Josh Ward  11/04/2008            
We need someone like these guys in Alaska. Believe it or not, I hear a little bit of Texas music on the Fairbanks radio station. Keep the music coming.
Josh Ward  09/03/2008            
Alan Junghans
Only 5 stars because there isn't more to chose from. Love the new CD. Hey Jerry let's bring em to Green Bay with us in December and show them cheeseheads what real Texas music is all about!!
Josh Ward  07/05/2008            
hey man yall need to come to new braunfels its a long drive but its worth yall bad ass saw yall at the cookoff on montgomery
Josh Ward  06/25/2008            
Sarah Yarbrough
I've been in and around the Texas music for more years than I'd like to admit and can honestly say that I've never heard a voice as pure and honest as Josh Ward's. Whether you purchase the CD or check out a live show, you won't be disappointed! His songs and his voice certainly make for a combination to be reckoned with with. Josh Ward isn't going anywhere but up!
Josh Ward  06/24/2008            
Blake Clary
I had the privilege to spend the weekend with Mr Josh Ward this past week and must he rocks. Easily one of the most under rated arstist out there right now. Everyone should def check him out, you wont be disappointed. Love your music Josh keep it up
Josh Ward  05/29/2008            
I would like to know when you are coming back to College Station.
Josh Ward  04/22/2008            
R-K and AK
The Hard Whiskey's special!! We love Josh and the band, we love to hear the music, party down, and spend time on the tail gate. Ya'll are so special to us and we absolutely can't wait for the next cd.
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