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Larry Joe Taylor
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At the core of Taylor’s talent is songwriting. In 1988 he was a finalist in the famous Kerrville New Folk competition. With the exception of two songs Taylor has written or co-written all the material on his recordings. A slew of other artists have cut his tunes as well, including Jerry Jeff Walker, and the Lost Gonzo Band, Gary P. Nunn (15 cuts on 3 CDs), Michael Hearne & South by Southwest, Joe Pat Hennen, Mike Graham, Doc Wesson, Tommy Alverson, Brian Burns, and several others. His style is upbeat, down-home and magnetic. His ability to engage spirited audience participation in sing-a-longs, limbo contests and untamed conga lines one moment and in their seats spellbound the next is what makes Taylor stand out among entertainers. For every two or three of his good time, country, rocking tunes, Taylor delivers a poignant ballad about life and the passion and resilience required to get through it. A new role Taylor has taken on it that of Record Producer. In the last 5 years he has produced 3 compilation CDs, Live From Meridian, 2 albums for up and coming young artist, Mike Graham and Brand New Day for longtime songwriter friend, Joe Pat Hennen and most recently Abby Abernathy’s Short Stories. Another thick layer to LJT is that of Music Promoter and Festival Producer. Taylor has hosted a Texas Music Festival in April for 15 years in a row with crowds over 15,000 in attendance for this four-day event. Taylor’s 11th Annual festival was featured as one of the top 5 music events in the state in the December 1998 Performing Songwriter magazine. In 1998 he initiated an annual “Island Time Festival” in Port Aransas, TX with the same musical format. Individual artists as well on radio stations seek Taylor’s help when promoting their own events. As long as it’s for the promotion of singer/songwriters, Taylor enthusiastically shares his expertise. Add to the list his establishment of his own record company, “Boat Folk Records” and publishing company, “Texribbean Publishing” and it’s apparent that Taylor’s musical interests and talents are numerous as well as diverse. Whether it’s through a song, in a recording session or right in the middle of a major festival, what Larry Joe Taylor does best is relate to all kinds of people in all kinds of places. He has performed in a wide range of venues, including the world famous Billy Bob’s Texas, the elegant Scott Theater in Fort Worth, historic Gruene Hall and a number of outdoor festivals, yacht clubs, country clubs and regular roadhouse honky tonks. Taylor performs with his band and acoustically with other songwriters. Most notable songwriting circles include shows with Guy Clark, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Rusty Wier, Terri Hendrix, Pat Green, Chris Wall, Bob Livingston, Keith Sykes, and Brian Burns. He has opened for Jerry Jeff Walker, Robert Earl Keene, Guy Clark, Radney Foster and Lari White. Although, Texas has been good to him and his roots will always be in the Lone Star state, recently Taylor has begun to tour outside of Texas traveling across the US and possibly a European tour in the works.
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Average Rating : 3.8              Total Reviews: 34

Larry Joe Taylor  01/24/2012            
TX Music Jim
Helluva good guy and a puts on a wonderful show. The songs are good to. Third coast is a classic and there is plenty of room for songs that make you want to drink beer, fish or lay on the beach. After all is there not room for fun in Texas Red Dirt music?
Larry Joe Taylor  12/29/2009            
Wade Allen Texas
The man is a good artist. If your from Texas & dont like the Music, MOVE!!! (Or) if your not from here....... Like the great artist Ray Wylie Hubbard so nicely put it, "We're From Texas...Screw You!"
Larry Joe Taylor  08/11/2007            
Jimmy Buffett
In this case, imitation is the WORST form of flattery. In LJ's own words: "NOT WORTHY!!!"
Larry Joe Taylor  06/17/2007            
Steven C.
Another weak one from LJT. He tells Texas Monthly that his songs are not just yeha lets drink a beer and party songs, but he does just that. Stick to promoting concerts, but don't play them anymore.
Larry Joe Taylor  04/08/2007            
Another great album by the great Larry Joe Taylor. LJT is known to some as the "Texas Jimmy Buffett" but he has his own Texas style also. Make sure you check out "Monkey River Town" with Jerry Jeff Walker! This will be a great addition to your collection in which I stirred you for.
Larry Joe Taylor  03/06/2007            
JD & Anthony...Shut up. Like it or not, you dont have to listen to it. Some us like the festivals you talk so sarcastically about...and the music aint bad either.
Larry Joe Taylor  02/24/2007            
J.D. Bailey
Alright, we get it! You're the Texas Jimmy Buffet. Unfortunately you ran around in the 70s with Guy and Willie and Ray Wiley and were their toadie, now you've attached yourself to Pat and Cory and CCR posing as the Godfather of Lonestar/Red Dirt Music. You're music is banal and inane, and your Festival is a waste of time. ...I do like "Mobile Bay" though. That's why I give you 2 stars.
Larry Joe Taylor  01/24/2007            
Anthony Mariani
Larry Joe Taylor couldn't write a song if his life depended on it, listening to him sing is like listening to paint dry, and he's built a very solid reputation as a cutthroat in the industry. He's made a lot of money with his festivals, but is making a lot of money off other peoples' talents really admirable? Ask Fort Worth Weekly.
Larry Joe Taylor  07/03/2006            
Debbie Kelly
We saw LJT at the Back Porch in Port Aransas this weekend and I have to say I had the best time. We were right up in front of the band and they were wonderful. The slapstick and the music combination was so funny and I loved every minute of it. Just wanted to let everyone know if you really want to have a good time you need to go see LJT and the band. We loved the whole show.
Larry Joe Taylor  05/12/2006            
LJT is one of the best Texas Music singers out there! His shows are always energized and his music makes you remember to always enjoy life! And for those on here who posted bad things about LJT and his music, go to his festival and see what it is all about!!
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