Mad Anthony Wayne

Mad Anthony Wayne
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Mad Anthony Wayne  02/11/2014            
matthew w
I love these goes, does anyone have a good contact for Tony? He used to be a friend of mine back in Maine.
Mad Anthony Wayne  08/15/2009            
I used to listen to him play & sing when we worked together years ago. Loved his music then & was thrilled to find one of his CDs to listen to. Have to track down the rest of them somehow. Tony, you're the greatest!!!!!!
Mad Anthony Wayne  07/08/2008            
Joey Arata
All of Mad Anthony's stuff is 5-star. I played guitar and pedal steel on his first two or three albums, and have been looking for him for years. I noticed a comment from Judi (said she's his sister)...Judi, if you read this please let me know how I can find him. I thoroughly enjoyed his music and was honored to be a part of it.
Mad Anthony Wayne  05/08/2008            
I recently picked up a used copy of this CD ("Exhausting the Competition") along with his 1998 CD "The Human Windchill Factor" at a local store here in Maine. Never heard of Mad Anthony Wayne before but a quick preview at the store made me decide to buy it...and many subsequent plays later, I'm really glad I did. I can't put my finger on what makes this music stand out, but it does. There are no duds on this disc, and song choice makes for a varied but also a complete overall package. Good stuff. I tried to do some research on the web to find out more about Mad Anthony Wayne and his music, but this particular web site ( was really all I could find. I'm a bit disappointed, because I really wanted to find out more about this musician, his history, and if he is still performing. Other reviews on this site seem to indicate that he may no longer be with us. If so, that would be a shame, but I appreciate the music he left for all of us to listen to. If anyone has any more information about Mad Anthony Wayne, please post it here or point me in the right direction on how to locate it. Thanks!
Mad Anthony Wayne  02/13/2008            
Judi - his sister
Hey, that's my brother...we miss him in Florida too.
Mad Anthony Wayne  09/12/2007            
Carlito Rodriguez
I had the privelage of spending some time with Mad Anthony... he is a gift to everyone who meets him. his music will live in the hearts of his fans forever.
Mad Anthony Wayne  10/08/2005            
hey dana
I havent been able to catch Mad Anthony in years. Where is he playing now?
Mad Anthony Wayne  09/23/2005            
Dana Ashworth
The Madman had never failed to amaze me with his private line into the human psyche. He is truly an american treasure
Mad Anthony Wayne  03/15/2005            
Bill Perkins
Some years I heard 'Exhausting the Competition' for the first time. I listened to it exclusively every day for months. Now I keep it under the seat of my pickup (to protect it from the Texas sun and thieving friends) and only take it out whenever I'm so angry I want to kill the next asshole who even looks at me - or so sad I can barely lift my chest to pump air into my lungs. Then I take the CD out, put it on as lound as I can get it...and, as I listen, my perspective begins to return. My anger, at it's hottest is silly and piddling compared to Mad Anthony's walking around anger. My sadness, black as it is, is sunlight compared to Mad Anthony's everyday dark despair. Mad Anthony cures me of my spoiled, arrogant pettiness - and I love him for doing that. God Bless Mad Anthony Wayne.
Mad Anthony Wayne  05/27/2004            
Jim Brown
I played bass on his first electric album (Big Dogs) back in 1992, and played a few gigs with him afterwards (notably once at Iron Horse in Tarpon Springs), and yes, Florida certainly does miss Mad Anthony. What a character. Rarely has anyone's lyrics connected to the jaw so squarely.
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