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Will Kimbrough
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There's a certain spark, an intimate electricity, that flutters through a listener's nerves at the gruff countdown to "A Piece of Work", the opening track to Will Kimbrough's sophomore solo release Home Away. It's not just the spark ignited by a good rock and roll record, but one of intensely personal, almost confessional and thoroughly honest work. From that skip-stepping Bo Diddley-tinged braggart's blues opener through to the hushed, melancholic closer "You Don't Know Me so Well", Home Away is a gripping record full of sweat, blood and energy. Home Away is a record about life. It's not your typical exploration of love's vagaries as seen by a musician with pretensions to poetry. It's a collection of solidly crafted songs about the all-too-important stuff that makes up the daily life of a grownup - making a living, managing the family, seeing the kids, staying together. Will Kimbrough's resume as both songwriter and guitarist is as impressive as they come. As songwriter and frontman for Will and the Bushmen, Kimbrough crafted hugely popular southeastern independent pop. Alongside bassist Mike Grimes and Government Cheese's Tommy Womack, he created a no-nonsense, unapologetic rock band with the Bis-Quits. As a guitarist, Kimbrough has played with some of the best of the independent rock and alt-country scenes, including Kim Richey, Todd Snider, Garrison Starr, Matthew Ryan and Josh Rouse. Along the way, he has honed the songwriting sensibilities that made Will and the Bushmen such a popular act. The results have been Kimbrough's critically loved solo debut This, and now Home Away. "This is my Double Fantasy or whatever you want to call it," Kimbrough confesses. His comparison to John Lennon's lovely exploration of his own family is apt. Home Away is a study in the life of a family grown beyond the platitudes of teen-pop songs and rock and roll bluster. Instead, this is a life everyone leads - filled with tiny victories, setbacks, mortgages and bills to pay. "I'm talking about my version of what home is and having a family and trying to be a grownup," Kimbrough says. "Everybody's got one of those stories. This is mine." With old friends and stalwart musicians including drummer David Gehrke and bassist Mike Grimes, Kimbrough hammered out most of the record in single takes. With guests including alt-country siren Kim Richey on vocals, standout John Deaderick on keyboards, session veteran Craig Krampf providing drum and percussion assistance and indie producer \ extraordinaire Brad Jones contributing an upright bass track, Kimbrough is in good company on Home Away. Co-producer Eli Shaw took the artist in new directions here as well, dragging him to some unadorned, unguarded moments. On Home Away, Kimbrough's strengths shine. He possesses the soaring pop strengths of Neil Finn, the unapologetic howl of Lennon and the gritty punch of Alex Chilton. He experiments with folk, soul and country. And, most importantly, he tells it like it is. He's an ordinary guy telling an ordinary story in a very extraordinary way.
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Will Kimbrough  07/02/2006            
R. Palmer
Kimbrough does it again ! songs for the mind,songs that entertainingly make us aware of what the heck is going on around us. A true songwriter in every sense of the word.
Will Kimbrough  11/17/2002            
Jan Behney
This cd of Will Kimbrough's is an excellent "piece of work". Will's talent as a guitar player and his ability to write great songs shine brightly. I highly recommend buying it, and if you get the chance to see Will live, do it! You will not be disappointed. I understand that several cuts from this cd have been released as singles. Will is well known in musical circles for his guitar playing talents, playing with other musicians such as Rodney Crowell, Kim Richey and on Billy Joe Shaver's newest release.
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