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Zach Huckabee
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The Zach Huckabee Band might be one of the most entergetic three piece bands in the Texas Music scene. Based out of Lampasas, TX, Zach Huckabee has been professionally singing and writing songs since he was 18. During his freshman year of college, Zach went on the road with The Smithsonian Museum of American History singing the soundtrack for a mission that took him and the crew across the nation promoting troop service from all of the wars and conflicts that the United States has been involved in. The exhibit that documents this tour is located in Washington D.C. and is called the “Price of Freedom”, which also happens to be the title of the song that gained Zach access on the tour. You can see that music video at His first record with the three-piece Zach Huckabee Band, entitled Tequila Angel, made its debut in 2007 and spent over 20 weeks on the Texas Music Chart with their single “Can’t Stop the Rain”. In June of 2007, Zach married his long time girlfriend Krysta Hazel. When asked if Zach and Krysta were high school sweethearts, Zach says, “I hated my wife in high school,” he laughs, “but she grew on me.” The band’s new project, due out July 31, 2009, is entitled Was It You?. The album was produced by Texas singer/songwriter, Phil Pritchett.
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Average Rating : 4.8              Total Reviews: 30

Zach Huckabee  11/03/2009            
Seen him twice live in San Marcos and have both albums. Can't wait for the next show later this month, they're a blast. Great writing, great guitarist, great vocals, and great guy. Solid drummer and bassist assisting him, too. This kid is going to go far. Keep up the good work, Zach.
Zach Huckabee  05/27/2009            
Valerie Baker
We came to see the Zach Huckabee Band at Blaine's Pub in San Angelo, TX and they were great! Very entertaining and they put on a great show! We would love to see them again if they're ever in Kansas!!!!
Zach Huckabee  11/02/2008            
Heidi Nelson (Mayer)
Wow... sounds awesome, Zach! Looking forward to coming out to hear you one day soon... Not surprised my former 4th grade student is doing so well-- this has an infectious sound, its great stuff, Zach! You always were a hard worker---I know you will continue to do amazing things! Best of luck to you. Dream BIG! :)
Zach Huckabee  06/17/2008            
saw this kid in brownwood saturday, sounded like a winner
Zach Huckabee  02/22/2008            
no way really?
Zach Huckabee  11/18/2007            
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Zach Huckabee  09/21/2007            
Way to go Zach, sounds great, cant wait to buy your cd!!! I know your gonna make it big!!!
Zach Huckabee  09/13/2007            
cody dubose
hey zach my bro went to school with u and I saw u at napolies in lampasas I wuz born here and have liked ur music since I got the cd in the video store well hope to see you sum time soon bak in lampasas
Zach Huckabee  09/07/2007            
Zack, i love the sound that you and your band make. Ive found "can't stop the rain" to be a favorite of mine. What a great asset to Texas music. hope to see ya'll around san antone sometime. i urge all to listen to Zack Huckabee and the Texas Honky-Tonk Roadshow.
Zach Huckabee  03/15/2007            
This guy needs air time! Watching him play acoustic at the Austin Rodeo show cased his great talent!! Keep it up Zach!!!!
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