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The past two years have been quite a ride for the West Texas-based band Cooder Graw. In that short period of time, the group has grown from playing small 100 seat venues to performing as the headliner in front of thousands at musical events throughout Texas and Oklahoma. They have opened shows for some of Texas' biggest stars (Robert Earl Keen, Jack Ingram, Jerry Jeff Walker, Asleep at the Wheel, among others). Their first CD was recorded live in 1998 was self-produced, and cost less than $1000. Their debut studio CD of 12 original songs, released in November 1999, was produced by Grammy Award winner Ray Benson and 9-time #1 country songwriter Hayden Nicholas.The disc features several special guest performances by major recording artists the group never even dreamed of meeting just months ago. The award-winning group Asleep at the Wheel even joined the band in recording one song on the new offering. 1999 has also brought the band corporate sponsorship, media notice in several newspapers and magazines, and radio airplay on stations throughout Texas. In addition, Cooder Graw has grabbed the attention of several corporate players in the music industry such as Hastings Entertainment, AristoMedia, Bismeaux Productions, and Anderson Merchandisers. The motion picture industry has taken notice of Cooder Graw as well. In April 1999, the band headlined the premiere party for the Universal Pictures release "EdTV" in Austin, Texas. And the band's music will be featured on the soundtrack to the new Trimark Pictures release "Held Up" in theaters later this year. It is very rare for a band to experience the phenomenal increase in popularity that Cooder Graw has the past two years (especially a band coming from the sparsely populated Texas Panhandle). The reason Cooder Graw's star is rising is so quickly is simple. Those who have seen and heard this band will tell you that this band is fun to watch, their music is catchy, their performances rowdy and energetic, and last, but obviously not least, the members are accomplished musicians. Rich Brotherton of Robert Earl Keen's band called Cooder Graw's music "Loud Country." Cooder Graw is now taking their loud country all over Texas, Oklahoma and the Southwest, one town and one dancehall at a time.
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11/11/2006 - Community organizes barbecue to benefit injured trooper - Read More
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Cooder Graw  11/13/2004            
Wussy Detector
Last message! Lies, lies, lies. I dont believe you have even heard the cd. Bogus review...UYN
Cooder Graw  11/13/2004            
Its a alright cd...every song kinda has same song gets old fast
Cooder Graw  11/11/2004            
Coup De Gras
The entire cd is the best new thing currently out. Every song is great! If all music lovers are enjoying these new songs as much as me, then we probably are going to see these guys popularity spike very soon. Take me serious, this music is so much fun. Enjoy them while you can.
Cooder Graw  11/10/2004            
I am the biggest Cooder Graw fan there is. I would definetly say that this is by far one of their best CD's. I've let people that haven't even heard the band before listen to it, and they just love the music. I bought it the first day it came out, and it hasn't left my cd player much since then. It has a good mix of Cooder Graw styles and definetly potrays the band and all of their awesome talent. Buy it, buy it, buy it!!!
Cooder Graw  11/09/2004            
Cooder Graw is one of the BEST Texas bands I've ever heard and seen. I've met Matt and the guys numerous times, and they always make it a point to look you in the eye, and shake your hand. Thats hard to find these days, they are really respectful and down to earth people. I encourage you to listen to their music, and see their bad ass concerts!
Cooder Graw  11/09/2004            
Absolutely the best cd ever. Have listened to it everyday since it's release and it just gets better everytime. Loving the hidden track. Every single song on this cd is my favorite. This is a must buy cd for any Texas music fan.
Cooder Graw  11/09/2004            
Cindy VanBlaricom
Absolutely the best cd ever. Have listened to it everyday since it's release and it just gets better everytime. Loving the hidden track. Every single song on this cd is my favorite. This is a must buy cd for any Texas music fan.
Cooder Graw  11/09/2004            
Matt S
Have been listeneing for the last week and it's beyond anything I have heard in awhile. I dont know really how to quantify it but it's going to be in my CD player for a long while. Good job Cooder Graw... You hit a home run with this one. Wishing i was still in your neck of the woods to be able to hear this live! - Matt
Cooder Graw  11/08/2004            
Excellent. Best thing down the road in a LONG Time!
Cooder Graw  11/04/2004            
Wyoming Cooder fan
Having listened to Cooder for years I could not wait for the new tunes...They did not dissapoint!! Wake Up has it all (as usual) and then some. I've had it now for 2 weeks & it rarely comes out of the cd player in my pickup. I would recommend it to anyone who loves music.
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