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Hank III
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"You know the man's gonna make some crazy music. Anybody that don't get it, best be movin on". -Wayne Hancock, Bloodshot Records recording artist "Like every Hank in his family, Hank III has alot of Hank Sr. in him, a lot of Jr. in him and helluva lot of his own God given fire in him. He is as important to this generation of music lovers as his roots would predict. Hank III is a dose of Hard Core reality you won't find in today's candy assed country music." -Dale Watson, Koch Records recording artist "Hank Williams III is a true p-ro-fessional!! He's doing country music's dirty work by tellin' the shit-bird-pop-country-fuck-heads to suck it, and he's gettin' the word out of who you really should be listening to. I admire him for his ability to keep on the road as much as he does. The The road wears you down, but he just keeps on keepin' on." -Scott H. Biram, Austin Chronicle Musician of the Year 2003 Hank is one of the most honest and pure musicians I know. Everything he does is completely rooted in his genuine love of the music above all else. That's not as common as some might think. For him to carry on his family legacy so successfully, without compromising his individuality as an artist is absolutely amazing." -Mark Morton, guitarist, Lamb Of God "III is one of the most talented, down to earth people that anyone could ever know. He has the ability to either touch your soul with true oldschool country, or rip your fucking face off with his heavy stuff." -Jamie Moore, vocals, Demonseed.
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Hank III  03/23/2006            
The Flash - KTJS
It is like listening to the ghost of Hank Sr. I give this one five stars only beacuse I can't give 6.
Hank III  03/20/2006            
Alain Joris(dj from Belgium)
What a great album!!! Another one for him.Great lyrics,great music,great singer,maybe one of the best country album of all the time!!! The legend is on the way....Family tradition.
Hank III  03/14/2006            
Alabama Hank3 Fan
By far, one of the best CD's I have bought in years! Strait to Hell has it going on! Hopefully, III will release the hidden songs off of the 2nd disc on a real album so we can enjoy them real-time. Side note: Tricephus, keep up the great work and head down to Alabama or Georgia soon! Its been too long since I've seen you live!
Hank III  03/06/2006            
The best CD I have heard in years. Hank III writes songs that people want to listen to, not SH#T like you think my tractors sexy. If you are a real country music fan, buy this CD. Every song on the CD is great. The standouts are pills I took. crazed country rebel, dick in dixie, low down, country heroes and not everybody likes us. Listen when I say that Hank III is the real deal. Buy the CD, you will enjoy it.
Hank III  03/05/2006            
King Jeffrey
Easily the best damn disc out right now!!! Hank, keep stickin' it to the Nashville establishment! You don't need them to succeed!
Hank III  03/03/2006            
Hank III  03/03/2006            
great in country music terms, some of the language is rough but i think he as i do also believes so-called country music needs a cussin' out. some of the songs deserve air play but the lame stations around here think its too much, and it is "too country" for their format. my picks are, MY COUNTRY HEROES, LOW DOWN, and MY DRINKING PROBLEM, COUNTRY REBEL'S a good jammin' song. thanks.
Hank III  02/23/2006            
cowpunk hellbilly
hell yeah .... goin out in style
Hank III  01/10/2006            
Char les
Hank III  11/23/2005            
hell yeah
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