Jackson Taylor & the Sinners

Jackson Taylor & the Sinners
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Deluxe CD/DVD edition. 2014 live release from the rockin' Country singer/songwriter. Jackson Taylor is a storyteller, plain and simple. He combines his real life experiences with old school Country elements and throws in the flavors of Punk and Southern Rock to create a style all his own. Jackson Taylor continues to break the rules of traditional Country music with his straightforward lyrics, ''take it or leave it''

approach, intense live performances, and the drive and determination of a freight train. Recorded in July of 2013, Jackson Taylor & the Sinners became the 45th artist/band to join the LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS music series. In keeping with the originality of Jackson Taylor & the Sinners, the band recorded their LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS CD and DVD at midnight from 81 Club, a new Billy Bob's Texas venue just steps from the club.

The CD and DVD captures the true essence of the Sinners and provides a front row seat to the rowdy and raucous live show that you can relive again and again.

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06/25/2007 - Jackson Taylor's long road to San Angelo - Read More
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Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  07/06/2007            
I found Texas Red Dirt music through Jackson Taylor. I got his CD at a show in Seattle. I thought that everyone down there helped each other out and it was like a big family. I bought Ragweed's Live at the Wormy Dog, Randy Rogger's Roller Coster, Kevin Fowler's live at Billy bob's and Jason Boland and the Straggler's Perle Spnaps all because Jackson wrote those CD's down as great cds to get. On these reviews I see allot of mean remarks and hatefull thoughts. The Texas music sene must not be what I though it was. I hope the remarks on Lone Star Music by you people are just a small fraction of how people belive down there. Keep making great music Jackson and don't listen to the haters. We love you in Washington State.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  07/06/2007            
Erick Crown
Jackson is saving us from all that "Red Dirt" crap. Texas thanks you Jackson, keep it up. If you think Jackson's vocals are bad what do you call good? I am glad Red Dirt music has'nt embraced him, he is to good for it and that is why they don't like him, he makes them all look week. Jason Boland is the only worth a anything anyway and he loves Jackson Taylor. Do us a favor if you don't like him don't go to his shows and stay of his page. Idiot! Take Texas back, we have been over run with Left wing hippys! Erick a true Texan.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  07/05/2007            
Shooter should kiss his ass punk! I am tierd of you dicks dogging the JTB, what is your problem with Jackson Taylor anyway, I bet you don't even know the guy. You are pissed cause you know he is better than your favorite singer(Shooter). Whould give a damb about that guy if his Dad was'nt Waylon? You are all a bunch of cowards. Six Shooter I will kick your ass if I ever find out who you are Punk. Airborne!
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  07/02/2007            
That was classy Vinny, you are forgiven and won respect with this JTB fan, not that that matters much I geuss. I bet like almost everyone who meets and hangs with Jackson you will be very suprised on how different he is from what is said about him. For some reason he is a contraversal guy. I bet he holds no hard feeling againts any one who dosent get him. He is a live and let live guy. Hope things get better for you bro. Keep your head up. This is not ment to sound condasending at all, but when Im down I put on some JTB drive for a few hrs. Helps me anyway. Mike
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  07/02/2007            
Chief Brody
HELLO, Vinny the Shark...or should I say, Richard. Damn....I knew it was you posting these bad reviews about Jackson Taylor all along. Why Vinny...why do you have such HATRED towards Jackson? Like you said, July 21st, Jackson Taylor is still on at the Wormy Dog! I'm certain you won't be there, that's fine....cause WE will and that's all that matters. Respectfully, Chief Brody
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  07/02/2007            
Santos to Vinny the Rock
I hate to see it when punks run down bands on this site. This is personal insults to people you just don't know. I know Jackson from FT Bragg a long way back, Jack used to be out of controll and yes he could be very violent when pushed to far, he is a hand full for a cat only about five nine or ten. One thing about him though; I have never seen him talk smack from behind any kind of wall or hate on anyone, it has always been face to face like a Man. People make to big of a deal about his past. The guy grew up hard, life has made tough. I have seen him brawl allot in the old days I have seen him win and seen him loose. I have seen him do about everthing but, quit or let down a bro. If you ever get lucky enough to hang with him you will see that he is a very nice guy. He is the type of man who holds doors for older folks and says yes sir and no sir. He is the guy that will stop and help you change a tire on the side of the road when every one els passes you by. Jack isnt a guy who holds a grudge. None of this has anything to do with his music though and the fact that you call Jackson a garage band tells me you have no concept of music or life experience. Jackson is the best singer songwritter of his generation, even Billy Joe Shaver says so. Jason Boland says he is one of the best as well. Looks like you judge him more on where he buys his clothes than his music. What's wrong with Hot Topic? Your Man Crush Cody looks like he shops there too. Songs like the Mirror, Gypsies and Driffters, and Mother's Prayer's. speak for them selves. I don't understand why it is always a Ragweed fan bashing Jackson Taylor? You do'nt have to hate one to like the other. I will see Jackson and the boys in OKC at the Wormy Dog on the 21st. Great Bar and a great Band means a Great Night. Airborne! Santos
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  07/01/2007            
The Wiskey Sessions is an all killer no filler cd, just got my copy. This is real song writting, real honest heart worn music. "The Mirror" is amazing! I want to thank all the guys saying how bad this band is. I had never heard of Jackson Taylor. I got the cd just to see what all the talk was about. It looks like you either love this band or hate them. It is just real good music. I don't understand why anyone whould call them a "garage band". This is as good as any of the great 70's artist, I think Waylon would give Jackson Taylor a big Hoss hugg. Will be getting the live cd next and will post what I think if that is still alowed.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  07/01/2007            
I'm neutral on this whole argument and I give 3 stars just cause it's in the middle. Just want to get that straight from the beginning before you all start attacking me. The great thing about this music scene used to be the camaraderie and love for the music. That has all changed. Too many personalities and egos are getting in the way and ruining the music scene. Now everyone gets on here and starts attacking people if they don't like their favorite band. It's getting ridiculous and extremely juvenile. I don't know if there really are that many childish people on here, or if the site is getting taken over by kids it's getting hard to tell the difference. Heaven forbid people have different tastes in music. You can't even expression an objective review explaining why a particular band is not your cup of tea without getting attacked and called a "hater". This music scene started out as being something different and open to different types of music. Now everyone wants you to like the sound they like. Won't be long now until Texas/Red Dirt whatever you want to call it is just another Nashville where everything sounds the same. Thank god for the true artisits and their fans who don't get involved in this pettiness. Just my two cents and now can we please put in end to all this whining and personal attacks and have some serious dicussions and reviews on here about what really matters---the MUSIC? P.S. You all might want to check out the note when you post a review that says what should not be posted here.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  07/01/2007            
Vinny The Shark
Vinny's gotta agree with the Rock when it comes to this band. You clowns anointing this band with the greatests of all time need a serious reality check. JTB is nothing but a traveling garage band. Yeah, Vinny's heard of all the stories about how JT is a real outlaw and can kick everyone's ass on a dime. Yay!! Congratulations!!! Whiskey? Outlaw? Whatever bro. Nice shirts from Hot Topic, you outlaw, you. Whenever you're gracing the hallowed stage of the Wormy Dog, Vinny ain't there. Have a nice Ragweed Sunday.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  06/27/2007            
I just heard some of the new Dark Days CD. It is kick ass! I love every CD so far! Jackson Taylor can not write an ok song, everyone is as good as the last. I know he has done allot of crazy things; but if you listen to his songs that is what they are about. I think in years to come he will be as important to American music as Hank, Waylon, Willie, Bruce, Dylan and all the other great artistis of the last 100 years. Even if you don't like what the man does or stands for, you can not dispute his songs. "I left my blood in the alley my guts on the floor laid up with regrets and some hundered dollor whore whiskey what you doin to me I have a busted head I've got broken teeth from goin toe to toe in the middle of the street whiskey what you doin to me I keep on drinkin I keep on sinkin Im down as far as I've ever been when you get down that low you don't get up again hey whiskey what you doin to me". The best part is, it is all real. Sept 11, Dark Days are comming and I can't wait. Rock on Jackson Taylor and don't change for anyone.
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