Jackson Taylor & the Sinners

Jackson Taylor & the Sinners
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Deluxe CD/DVD edition. 2014 live release from the rockin' Country singer/songwriter. Jackson Taylor is a storyteller, plain and simple. He combines his real life experiences with old school Country elements and throws in the flavors of Punk and Southern Rock to create a style all his own. Jackson Taylor continues to break the rules of traditional Country music with his straightforward lyrics, ''take it or leave it''

approach, intense live performances, and the drive and determination of a freight train. Recorded in July of 2013, Jackson Taylor & the Sinners became the 45th artist/band to join the LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS music series. In keeping with the originality of Jackson Taylor & the Sinners, the band recorded their LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS CD and DVD at midnight from 81 Club, a new Billy Bob's Texas venue just steps from the club.

The CD and DVD captures the true essence of the Sinners and provides a front row seat to the rowdy and raucous live show that you can relive again and again.

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06/25/2007 - Jackson Taylor's long road to San Angelo - Read More
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Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/13/2007            
I see some of the "Texas Music" if you don't sound like Pat Green & Cory Morrow folks have been hating on The JTB. He is just a little over your safe boring heads. You can't relate to songs like "The Mirror" "Mothers Prayers" "Whiskey Sessions" "Gypsies & Driffters" and the list goes on. Everyone can't be a rich boy who's never had to struggle. Some folks have to come up the hard way. Keep on doing real music for real folks. Can't wait till you guys come back to Little Rock. Grant
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/12/2007            
Red Raider
Jackson Taylor's songs might be a little over the top (getting hammered, kicking ass, killing people) but his style, sound, and music comes together very well when he is playing live. A genuine boot stomping honky tonk band.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/12/2007            
I saw these guys play at The Hurricane in KC, MO last week. It was a kick ass show! It's cool when the band hangs out with you and treats you like you're one of their friends. Some bands hide out before the show and jet as soons as its over. The guy who said they suck can F#*K off!
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/06/2007            
Lisa & Earl
The Galveston Show was the best! We came down from Huston. First time to see this band in person, thanks for playing Maria for me and The Mirror for my wife. Will see yall at the Fire House with Biily Joe Joe sahver!!!! Earl.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/06/2007            
Jason C
Last guy I saw call Jackson a little man was at ropers in Austin, the guy got sent to the hospital with half a bud light bottle stuck in his head. I would love to see you talk poop to him in person. I have seen them play live allot and have never heard him bash anouther artist, I saw him sick up for Cross Canadian Ragweed in Austin. Rock on JTB, it shows what these guys know when they insult someone by comparing them to David Allen Coe. What's funny to me, is you say they sucked then bought a CD. Jason
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/05/2007            
I went to see these guys play live. I'm not impressed, I bought the Whiskey Sessions CD while I was there, it wasn't the sound system, they really do stink. And I really don't want to hear some little guy with to many tattoos say he can kick ass. Ha little man, write me a song about getting drunk and killing somebody.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/05/2007            
I saw this band live in Galveston Friday night. This is a David Allen Coe want to be band. Every song sounds the same. How many CD's can you fill up with songs about killing your wife or girlfriend or getting hammered. I would like to see them pull off maybe one slow song. The lead quitarist seemed to be pretty talented, the bass play should play more and spend less time giving the crowd the bird. I also thought it was awsome that they took cheap shots at Pat Green, Cross, and Jack Ingram. I left their show in search of my love for Texas music, they killed it.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/02/2007            
more teenage drinking songs from children, grow up, this is like listening to my first guitar lesson,
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/02/2007            
just sad, go back to the garage and grow up guys
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  03/02/2007            
what kind of teenie bopper crap is this, childish and juvinile, not Texas music, move to the east guys or grow up
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