Jackson Taylor & the Sinners

Jackson Taylor & the Sinners
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Deluxe CD/DVD edition. 2014 live release from the rockin' Country singer/songwriter. Jackson Taylor is a storyteller, plain and simple. He combines his real life experiences with old school Country elements and throws in the flavors of Punk and Southern Rock to create a style all his own. Jackson Taylor continues to break the rules of traditional Country music with his straightforward lyrics, ''take it or leave it''

approach, intense live performances, and the drive and determination of a freight train. Recorded in July of 2013, Jackson Taylor & the Sinners became the 45th artist/band to join the LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS music series. In keeping with the originality of Jackson Taylor & the Sinners, the band recorded their LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS CD and DVD at midnight from 81 Club, a new Billy Bob's Texas venue just steps from the club.

The CD and DVD captures the true essence of the Sinners and provides a front row seat to the rowdy and raucous live show that you can relive again and again.

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06/25/2007 - Jackson Taylor's long road to San Angelo - Read More
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Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  10/19/2006            
The Truth
I have taken a fairly lengthy hiatus from this review business, but I saw this and could not walk away from it. This guy is doing a documentary on his own life in Texas Music?? Are you kidding me?? This guy wants to be Waylon Jennings, and here it is for everyone to read...
This is exactly what Waylon would not do. This is a joke.
One other thing.....the press release on jackson's that the last reviewer quoted (which is also on Jackson's website) "Heroine addition"... what does that mean?? It means that Jackson is adding a female superhero to his band??
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  10/19/2006            
Master Shake
From Jackson's website: " Horne Media will be filming a full length documentary on the life of Jackson Taylor. All the good and bad will be in the film, the Heroine addition, the violence, alcohol abuse along with the softer side, this will be a journey into the life that has shaped one of the most prolific and gritty songwriters of his time. If you don't know who Jackson Taylor is today, don't worry tomorrow you will." SAVE TEXAS MUSIC FROM THIS Self-calculating, self-important, self-scaring me away from buying his album like the last time I saw him at the firehouse. Avoid this guy and save Texas Music. People are drawn to Texas music because they can relate to the artists that don't have inflated egos and superhero personas like Nashville creates. The people on stage don't intimidate and they remind us of ourselves. This guy is a gimmick. By the way, I was reading these reviews to see if other people share my opinion. Clearly they do, and someone always seems to rush to the defense of Jackson conveniently often and immediate enough (just speculating) to bring him back up to a 5 star rating. That doesn't happen with any other artist I follow on this site. So, am I to believe that Jackson or someone close to the band is again "self-inflating" his image? Seems very likely. We'll see the response I get. Hopefully I'll get called a sissy like everyone else who speaks their mind. Man, that will really prove me wrong...
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  10/09/2006            
Jackson Taylor will be to Country music what Nirvana was to Hair Bands. When will the Whiskey Sessions be one lonestarmusic.com ?
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  09/27/2006            
Just got my copy of The Whskey Sessions It kicks all kinds of ass. Where does Jackson come up with these songs, I have all 6 studio CDs, the live CD and the Outlaw vol 1 and there is not one ok song, every song he writes is great. There is no one in Texas or Nashville who can compare to this guy. I hear he is a bit out of his mind, well no poop listen to his words. "I left my blood in the alley, my guts on the floor laid up with regrets and some hundered dollor whore" Normal folks dont write like that or live like that. Cant wait till the next CD. Mabey they dont get you in Texas, but in California you are the poop!!! The new guitar player is a monster. Rock on Curvball!!!
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  09/25/2006            
I think Jackson's songs are a little over your head Red Rider, nice handle by the way. Jackson will be the first to tell you Waylon is the King and is his biggest influence, Saying Jackson's songs sound like Waylon's is the biggest boost you can give to some one like Jackson Taylor. You are just use to guys saying they where brought up on Waylon and sounding like Robert Earl King. Keep Outlaw country kicking Jack, you are the only real one in Texas anyway. Yeeeee Haaaa!!
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  09/25/2006            
Red Raider
Ok, Madonna has 8 CD's...is that an accident? Live tunes rock but Waylon Jennings called and wants his songs back. Good luck finding a bass player! I really hope your rhythm section improves
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  09/04/2006            
The best Country-Rockin' Live album I have ever come across.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  09/03/2006            
Jackson is a great artist, hung out with him and has supported him for a few years now. You don't put out 8 cd's by accident. Keep watching him, he is on his way up the ladder. Buy a cd, I promise you will like it. Some people may not like it, but that is ok there are a lot more fans out there. JTB kicks ass.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  08/10/2006            
Matt Stevens/Stevens & Company Artist Management
Jackson Taylor Live C.D. is the "save all" to country music. This is the future of what everyone is hungry for. Ambition meets talent. p.s Who is Jimmy Collins? Kick some ass Jackson! Matt Stevens
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  08/08/2006            
Mike Walters
Go ahead Jim, give em hell! Live, Locked & Loaded is by far the best live CD I have heard and I have them all. something about this guy either make you love him or hate him. He does seem to piss some more sensitive folks off, but so did Waylon, Merle, Johny, Hank Jr, Hank Sr, Billy joe 'shaver. I don't think ole boy has got to worry about the softer metro sexual crowd. I havent met him yet but I love the tunes. Will be at the wormy dog this Friday to sing along! " I'm here to take your whiskey and you women!!!" I am from Oklahoma so mabey I am not as senitive. Mike
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