Jackson Taylor & the Sinners

Jackson Taylor & the Sinners
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Deluxe CD/DVD edition. 2014 live release from the rockin' Country singer/songwriter. Jackson Taylor is a storyteller, plain and simple. He combines his real life experiences with old school Country elements and throws in the flavors of Punk and Southern Rock to create a style all his own. Jackson Taylor continues to break the rules of traditional Country music with his straightforward lyrics, ''take it or leave it''

approach, intense live performances, and the drive and determination of a freight train. Recorded in July of 2013, Jackson Taylor & the Sinners became the 45th artist/band to join the LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS music series. In keeping with the originality of Jackson Taylor & the Sinners, the band recorded their LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS CD and DVD at midnight from 81 Club, a new Billy Bob's Texas venue just steps from the club.

The CD and DVD captures the true essence of the Sinners and provides a front row seat to the rowdy and raucous live show that you can relive again and again.

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06/25/2007 - Jackson Taylor's long road to San Angelo - Read More
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Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  02/27/2007            
Jackson is the real deal in life and his music! better than any so called "New OUTLAWS" hes lived it Im proud to call him friend and if ya dont like his music go buy another Pat green or Rascal Fags CD! but if you like your music from the herat pick up any thing jasckson has done.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  02/12/2007            
The best Outlaw country band there is!!!!!!
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  12/26/2006            
Got this CD along with Eli Young Band and James McMurty for XMAS. Very few things beat McMurty in terms of integrity and artistic vision. Jackson doesn't compare there, but he whoops the crap out of Eli Young Band. Just the same old themes throughout the album without much imagination. Still, I like what this guys doing. Keep it up my man! I hope to catch one of the shows.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  12/05/2006            
Jared Sanders
Jackson is the most coolest singer in the world, I want to be just like him when I get my hair doen in my private place. what a great band. My mom loves them too, i hear here screamming thier names at night sometimes. Why oh why cant I "Jared sanders" Be like the the Jackson taylor Band??? I am so glad I am not a little homo who bashes bands from behind a computer. Keep rockin JTB, you are the bestes ever. I love you all so verry much!!!! Jared Saders
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  12/05/2006            
Jared Sanders
Musical POOP!
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  12/04/2006            
Jake Calhoun
This band is real; a kind of music that reminds you of waylon jennings and hank williams jr. theyre the kindof band that doesnt take poop and continue to shape the new "outlaw" music. if you do not agree you can kiss my ass. keep picking JTB
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  11/28/2006            
I cant tell you how good this guy is, he has a very unique sound and is one hell of a nice guy. He and I talked at length about his life and his love for music after a concert. His music is great because he sings what he lived.
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  11/14/2006            
New cd is killer! 10 stars
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  11/10/2006            
Master Shake
Hypothesis proven... What a tough outlaw this guy must be...
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners  11/03/2006            
Rebel South
I just got the Whiskey Sessions C.D. and it is by far one of my favorites. For any of you out there don't like Jackson then I have an easy solution for you. Don't listen to his music.
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