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Mark McKinney
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Mark McKinney, born and raised in Big Spring, TX, distinguishes himself from the typical “rockin’ country” artist by drawing from a wide range of influences. He credits his father for instilling in him an appreciation for upbeat, energetic songs. He blends his musical tastes as easily as drinking beer and eating barbecue, and he admits to a diverse musical background. “Although I grew up listening to country legends like Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniels, I was also heavily influenced by rock and pop.” This blend of influences has helped secure Mark a unique place on the Texas scene – and helped keep him from getting boxed into one genre. For his debut solo album, Get It On, McKinney took from his own experiences (as well as those of his closest friends and family) to produce a collection of songs that has been appropriately described as “foot-stompin’, sing-a-long, feel-good country with a strong melody.” The album is, in Mark’s own words, “a journey through the mind of a Southern man.” And yet something in the fun and honesty applies to everyone – we can all relate to and take a little something from his music. For Get It On, Mark teamed up with his best friend, Nashville-based producer Rob Dennis, whose production credits include Lynyrd Skynyrd and Cross Canadian Ragweed. Along with producing Get It On, Rob recently formed the independent record label Super Loud Music – the label Mark now calls home. While working on his debut CD, Mark teamed up with Kevin Fowler to write, “What's Your Point”. The song is slated to appear on Kevin's upcoming record. Kevin, who has placed Mark on many of his tour dates, said “Mark McKinney is a great live performer, and that’s why I put him on my shows – because my crowd loves him. His songs are anthems for the working man.” And Kevin Fowler isn’t Mark’s only industry-insider fan. Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20 calls Mark’s live shows ‘phenomenal,’ and believes that Mark’s music “captures the emotion of small town America from coast to coast.” Rick Lovett, president of Winding Road Music, calls Mark “one of today’s hottest, most deserving artists,” and Robert Oermann, music critic for Music Row Magazine, says Mark’s music is “’ragged but right’ in all the best ways” and that “Waylon’s backbeat lives on. Texas music fans seem to agree. Mark’s first single, “Comfortable In This Skin,” has been a staple on the Texas Music Chart, and has gotten enough attention to earn Mark a spot on stage at the first annual Big State Festival at the Texas World Speedway in October – alongside such country giants as Willie Nelson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Tim McGraw. Mark has enjoyed a summer fully booked with tour dates in Texas and Oklahoma, and a tour-heavy fall is in his future. He will even be making a headlining appearance at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth. Whether on the radio or on the stage, Mark McKinney is proving himself a force to be reckoned with. Honesty, energy, homegrown country and a little bit of rock-n-roll are hard to argue with – and Mark is quite comfortable in that skin.
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Average Rating : 4.3              Total Reviews: 40

Mark McKinney  08/26/2009            
Directed to "The Truth" ---Mark Mckinney's "Get It On" is, in my opinion, a top notch record that has more than a party theme to every song. Take 'Fall'... Or 'Stranger Things'.... Seems that you only listened to his singles and based your decision soley on the view. Maybe the 'Myspace Song' is silly, but to anyone that has or had a myspace account would get a chuckle out of it. I'd like to personally invite you to buy his sophomore album "Middle America" next month when it is released. And this time, actually LISTEN to the lyrics before you write a review.
Mark McKinney  08/22/2009            
I hadn't even heard of Mark McKinney until last week-end when he opened for The Randy Rogers Band in Ruidoso NM. All I can say is "WOW". He put on a terrific show with high energy and catchy tunes. He is a great live performer and anyone who hasn't seen him play should make plans to do so. We met him after the concert and he was extremely nice and personable. Bought the CD and love it. Thumbs up to Mark and The Cosmic Cowboys.
Mark McKinney  02/04/2008            
Personally i think "the truth" needs to vacum the bug out of her/his ass. Fact of the matter is "party foul" gets a lot of air play and a lot of people seem to like his music. Is he up there with the likes of Foster? No. But he is a good song writer with a lot of up beat light weight songs. If your in the mood for a laugh with friends, good times, fun cd. Then i recomend it!
Mark McKinney  01/31/2008            
Finally, a cool Texas rock artist. The songs are fun and feel sincere. The Rebel/Party angle isn't a new concept but this cd feels like it's from his heart, very believeable. It's a good combination of southern rock, rock licks, all with a slight country twist. His live shows are even more fun. Got to meet Mark after his Houston show and he's very humble and is willing to spend time talking to ya, but that didn't affect my review of the cd.
Mark McKinney  12/20/2007            
a cousin
I recently saw Mark,Eric,& Ryan and the band perform at Grahams in San Angelo tx. They are so good. They had the place jumpin'. These guys are cousins of mine and I am very, very proud of all of them!! Keep it up guys, cuz I see you goin' a long, long ways!!Oh yeah, don't forget to rock out now and then!! Becky
Mark McKinney  11/18/2007            
Saw Mark Mckinney at the Oaks in San Antonio last week and the place was full of Mark Mckinney fans. One of the best live shows I have seen in a while. His CD rocks!!!
Mark McKinney  10/29/2007            
My Truth
Hey, if you think Mark sounds and writes like "EVERY OTHER TEXAS MUSIC ARTIST OUT THERE", then it sounds like you need to go shopping for music somewhere else other than Lonestar music. Go buy what you like, seriously, if we like his music, then it has merit to us. It's funny how often you check these reviews and continuously comment back to people? If you hate it, then move on, spend your time making your own music, start a revolution!! Maybe then we will be fans of your music along with Mark's. Please reveal who you are, the music you make, or suggest some "great" new music you'd like for us to check out. Really, what's new that you're diggin? Do you want everyone to adopt your taste in music? Should we all like the same things? Believe me, I personally have a very diverse taste in music. I like everything from Ryan Adams, to Pantera, to Fowler, and McKinney. Just like movies, I like all kinds, Comedies, Drama, sometimes a mystery, etc... You mentioned "a lesson for a lot of Texas Music Fans to learn" why do you think we need to be taught a lesson. If we like something, then we like it, why do you really care? Who cares why we like it. The songs of Mark's that you were putting down really make me smile and feel good. I like that, I don't need those songs to be or do any more than that, and the rest of the songs on this album F'n Rock!! That is "My Truth", or should I say my Opinion!! So go ahead and correct my English or my spelling, tell me I'm an Idiot, and tell me why my Opinion sucks because it is not just like yours. Hey that's your right if that is what you choose to do with your time. I just saw Mark at Ranch Bash, and about 10,000 people were sure singing along and thought he was pretty F'n cool, Peace. Rick Bennett
Mark McKinney  10/13/2007            
These guys have got it goin' on!!! they GET IT ON and then some.
Mark McKinney  10/10/2007            
the music on this CD is so upbeat and just a new revolution of Texas Country!!! Mark and the family band are energy on stage. If you get a chance to see him, dont pass him up.
Mark McKinney  10/01/2007            
John G.
Saw Mark and the band in Midland this weekend had heard good stuff bout them and when I saw them they rocked. Cant wait to see them again.
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