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Mark McKinney
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Mark McKinney, born and raised in Big Spring, TX, distinguishes himself from the typical “rockin’ country” artist by drawing from a wide range of influences. He credits his father for instilling in him an appreciation for upbeat, energetic songs. He blends his musical tastes as easily as drinking beer and eating barbecue, and he admits to a diverse musical background. “Although I grew up listening to country legends like Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniels, I was also heavily influenced by rock and pop.” This blend of influences has helped secure Mark a unique place on the Texas scene – and helped keep him from getting boxed into one genre. For his debut solo album, Get It On, McKinney took from his own experiences (as well as those of his closest friends and family) to produce a collection of songs that has been appropriately described as “foot-stompin’, sing-a-long, feel-good country with a strong melody.” The album is, in Mark’s own words, “a journey through the mind of a Southern man.” And yet something in the fun and honesty applies to everyone – we can all relate to and take a little something from his music. For Get It On, Mark teamed up with his best friend, Nashville-based producer Rob Dennis, whose production credits include Lynyrd Skynyrd and Cross Canadian Ragweed. Along with producing Get It On, Rob recently formed the independent record label Super Loud Music – the label Mark now calls home. While working on his debut CD, Mark teamed up with Kevin Fowler to write, “What's Your Point”. The song is slated to appear on Kevin's upcoming record. Kevin, who has placed Mark on many of his tour dates, said “Mark McKinney is a great live performer, and that’s why I put him on my shows – because my crowd loves him. His songs are anthems for the working man.” And Kevin Fowler isn’t Mark’s only industry-insider fan. Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20 calls Mark’s live shows ‘phenomenal,’ and believes that Mark’s music “captures the emotion of small town America from coast to coast.” Rick Lovett, president of Winding Road Music, calls Mark “one of today’s hottest, most deserving artists,” and Robert Oermann, music critic for Music Row Magazine, says Mark’s music is “’ragged but right’ in all the best ways” and that “Waylon’s backbeat lives on. Texas music fans seem to agree. Mark’s first single, “Comfortable In This Skin,” has been a staple on the Texas Music Chart, and has gotten enough attention to earn Mark a spot on stage at the first annual Big State Festival at the Texas World Speedway in October – alongside such country giants as Willie Nelson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Tim McGraw. Mark has enjoyed a summer fully booked with tour dates in Texas and Oklahoma, and a tour-heavy fall is in his future. He will even be making a headlining appearance at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth. Whether on the radio or on the stage, Mark McKinney is proving himself a force to be reckoned with. Honesty, energy, homegrown country and a little bit of rock-n-roll are hard to argue with – and Mark is quite comfortable in that skin.
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Mark McKinney  09/12/2007            
R. Davis
I review music hear in texas, so I know good music when I hear it, and this album is awesome. A very high energy album, just like Mark's live shows. Best thing I've heard since Randy Rogers last album. Nobody can hold a candle to the MM-Band on stage, they are the best band I've seen, bar none!! in any type of music. and as a song writer, I think he is one of the very best in a long while. I LOVE this album. about time we had somebody who really stands out in the Texas scene and who is doing something with some guts. it rocks!! I was beginning to think everyone was sounding the same in this scene. this is good stuff, Fun, stompin, catch, texas southern rock!! This is the way I like music.
Mark McKinney  09/12/2007            
Texas Music Fan
Some people just don't like songwriters that write catchy songs, party songs, or fun music, but I sure do!! We have had enough "Texas artists that sound just exactly the same", always writing about the Guadalupe river, and Gruene hall, and "F"-Nashville. This is NOT another weak, obscure, long winded album trying to be "so Texas" or so deep and profound. No, this album is very fun, and it rocks the way Texans like to! there is definately depth and skill to these songs,-(Reminiscent of Radney Foster) Me and all my friends personally relate to Marks songs like "Party Foul", "Stompin Ground", "Comfortable" etc... I have lived all those same kind of situations, and relate. About time Texas has another Original song writer of this quality!!
Mark McKinney  09/12/2007            
The Truth
Music for goofballs. Just add his name to the roll call of "The Butchers of Texas Music." Don't worry Mark, you are not alone on that list. Lets face it, anyone who even considers writing a song called "Party Foul" is irretrievably irrelevant and an embarrasment to himself. High school kids are laughing at your songwriting.
Mark McKinney  09/11/2007            
J Smith
I'm embarrassed that this music came out of Texas. There is no depth to the songs. They are the most generic pieces of work that I have ever listened to. Party Foul is the worst song I have listened to since I stopped listening to the junk from Nashville. My friend made the mistake by buying it and now we pull it out and show it to other people to get a good laugh. Anyone who thinks this CD is good must be from Tenn. Please take the remaining CD's off the shelves and the save the rest of humanity the agony.
Mark McKinney  09/11/2007            
This whole album is awesome. I love every song. Mark writes all of his own stuff, so it's cool to get an album that speaks about who the artist is 100%. If you don't have this, you must get it!
Mark McKinney  09/08/2007            
I received the CD yesterday and haven't changed it yet and already have all my freinds looking for it. Great album and awesome songs, need say more?
Mark McKinney  09/07/2007            
Ti Martin (KBAL)
This is one of the best albums I've heard in many, many years. Let alone Texas Music. Track after track, each song is just as good as the one before and after it. This really is PARTYING 101. If you don't have this CD, get it...and GET IT ON!!!
Mark McKinney  09/07/2007            
Michele D
Mark and the band have done an excellent job with "Get It On"! It is a great mix of Mark's Texas Country/Rock sound! It is a definte "must have" for your CD collection!! Great job guys!!
Mark McKinney  09/06/2007            
Angela Wampler
Rick and I jam to "Get it on" when we are cruisin'!! Gotta be played loud and proud!! All of the songs are great, and there aren't any of the "lets skip over this track" songs on this cd at all!! I am pulling for "Party Foul" to be the next single, but none of the others would disappoint me either!! Keep on Rockin' Mark, we love ya!
Mark McKinney  09/06/2007            
I like it, it is orginal songs that don't sound like anything else i've heard before. its awesome!
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