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Singer/songwriter/producer Foster has always been revered in the music community as a lyricist and a dry West Texas poet. One look at the folks who have covered his songs--everyone from Hootie and the Blowfish and the Pistoleros to the Dixie Chicks and Guy Clark--and you realize this guy is not easily categorized. As one half of the duo Foster and Lloyd, he recorded three groundbreaking albums for RCA, becoming one of the first acts to be played simultaneously on Country and College radio. The duo broke through in the late 80’s, a rare time in Nashville’s history when Country radio welcomed other innovative acts like Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam. Foster and Lloyd’s “Crazy Over You,” went straight to number one, making them the first duo in history to top the charts with their debut single. Meanwhile, their albums were appearing in the Top Ten on the College chart, sharing common musical ground and press accolades with Rank and File, Lone Justice and the Blasters. When the duo split up, Foster recorded two solo albums that yielded a handful of hits and a reputation as one of Nashville’s best kept secrets. His songs, like “Nobody Wins” and “A Fine Line” had a lyrical edge and pop sensibilities that often challenged mainstream Country conventions. Throughout his solo career, folks like Emmylou Harris, Hootie and the Blowfish’s Darius Rucker and Dierks Bentey have jumped at the chance to work with him and lend vocal support to his projects--a further testament to Foster’s influence. Foster has served as host for the critically acclaimed CMT Crossroads, and has produced projects by Jack Ingram, The Randy Rogers Band, Brandon Rhyder and others. His upcoming release, Revival, will be released September 1, 2009.
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Radney Foster  03/28/2005            
In my opinion, Radney Foster is one of the best song writers out there. I know that he does a lot of behind the scenes stuff that has made a big impact in Texas music, but I can't help but think that he is one of the worst performers I have ever seen. I've only seen him once, so maybe it was just a bad night. There is no way I would ever pay to see him again though.
Radney Foster  02/27/2005            
Radney Foster  02/26/2005            
Davy C
Phenomenol songwriting and singing on this one. "Disappointing You", who hasn't been there. "Just Sit Still", what a great way to look at the world, simple, but we take it for granted. Hell of a nice guy and a fantastic artist. To all you haters, EAT A BAG!
Radney Foster  02/26/2005            
i like your mucic you and roger creager I SAY WHATI THINK WHEN I SOBER KEEP UP THE HARD WORK
Radney Foster  02/04/2004            
Kelly GF
Not only is he an amazing songwriter, but he puts on ONE HELL OF A SHOW! More people should respect this GOD of music!
Radney Foster  04/04/2003            
best CD I own
Radney Foster  10/21/2002            
Jon Robins
Even though this album was no "Ready for the Big Show", it still has some great songs and great lyrics. This is one of those cd's that I can just let play and enjoy all of it. I'm only giving it four stars because it was a little more "nashvillish" than what I wanted to hear. Radney, stick to the sounds that got you here, big time Nashville artists have no true fans.
Radney Foster  10/06/2002            
This CD is garbage. It's not worth the 50 cent piece of plastic it's printed on. I've been a big fan of Radney Foster for a long time, and own most of his CDs - this particular one is now used as a coaster. Good luck in Nashville Radney.
Radney Foster  09/09/2002            
Just more of the great songs I've come to expect from Radney Foster. Awesome.
Radney Foster  06/27/2002            
Will Hamlett
This album is an excellent display of Radney's talent as a musician but this collection also include's the finest work of the most ingenius and creative songwriter in the state. I recomend you ignore the people's reviews that say he sucks because indivduals who write in to proclaim "you suck, Nashville sucks" have obviously not taken the time to listen or then perhaps they might have somereason to back that claim up. If the idea that someone could have signed a record deal with a major record label before this anti-Nashville movement, which I support, is perhaps offensive in some way to the ideals you support, then you should re-examine them. Radney foster has been around along time and in my opinion he is finally recieving the credit he deserves and I thought this movement was to help talented artists expand their horisons based upon public opinion of them not a controlled exposer of only the artists that a record producer likes. If you want to put something down you should have a reason, but if it confilcts with the ideals you're trying to promote then hopefully you will see that were so foolish before someone calls you one.
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