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Singer/songwriter/producer Foster has always been revered in the music community as a lyricist and a dry West Texas poet. One look at the folks who have covered his songs--everyone from Hootie and the Blowfish and the Pistoleros to the Dixie Chicks and Guy Clark--and you realize this guy is not easily categorized. As one half of the duo Foster and Lloyd, he recorded three groundbreaking albums for RCA, becoming one of the first acts to be played simultaneously on Country and College radio. The duo broke through in the late 80’s, a rare time in Nashville’s history when Country radio welcomed other innovative acts like Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam. Foster and Lloyd’s “Crazy Over You,” went straight to number one, making them the first duo in history to top the charts with their debut single. Meanwhile, their albums were appearing in the Top Ten on the College chart, sharing common musical ground and press accolades with Rank and File, Lone Justice and the Blasters. When the duo split up, Foster recorded two solo albums that yielded a handful of hits and a reputation as one of Nashville’s best kept secrets. His songs, like “Nobody Wins” and “A Fine Line” had a lyrical edge and pop sensibilities that often challenged mainstream Country conventions. Throughout his solo career, folks like Emmylou Harris, Hootie and the Blowfish’s Darius Rucker and Dierks Bentey have jumped at the chance to work with him and lend vocal support to his projects--a further testament to Foster’s influence. Foster has served as host for the critically acclaimed CMT Crossroads, and has produced projects by Jack Ingram, The Randy Rogers Band, Brandon Rhyder and others. His upcoming release, Revival, will be released September 1, 2009.
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Radney Foster  06/20/2002            
Blake Rea
All i can say is he is awesome
Radney Foster  06/05/2002            
This album is good, some songs are too mellow but most are great. "I'm In" and "Nobody Wins" are definitely the highlights, and it's just one of those CDs you pick up every few weeks and it sounds great. He's definitely one of the best songwriters out there, and I don't know who is saying he sounds Nashville b/c it's anything but that. Maybe not TX country, but he definitely sounds like Austin...
Radney Foster  12/13/2001            
I am frlom Del Rio and have alwasy enjoyed the music that Radney puts out. So to see him back in the spot light is good. keep it up Radney!!!!
Radney Foster  11/06/2001            
Radney was better in nashville, perhaps he just overestimated the need for a rockin' sound...I would rate all his nashville albums 4 to 4.5. give one of them a try.
Radney Foster  09/26/2001            
this album is a really great album compared to his nashville album. songs like tonight and cant win are just hits. it was a smart move to do a duet with pat green on texas in 1880, it just made the album take off. trust me this one is worth ur money.
Radney Foster  08/10/2001            
tim coonse
REVIEW: ARE YOU READY FOR THE BIG SHOW? Radney Foster’s new live album ought to be titled “Get In, Sit Down, Shut up and Hold on”. Your arms are up in the air, your hands are doing that “booty push” thingie and you’re singin’ worse than Michael Bolton with a kidney stone. That’s when you remember that you’re not at the concert, you’re in the car, and the other drivers think you’re having a grand mal seizure. As Shoeshine Charlie delivers "Are you ready...?", I got that little chill in my back, the same that you feel at the first pop of the July 4th fireworks. The band glides in smooth, like a Snap-On creeper in a Slick-50 spill, then ... wait a minute, that's a fatass B-3 with a full-tilt Leslie spooling up, and you realize that, on this evening, Mr. Foster intends to shake your tree a little. I'm enjoying the groove to his new song, "Tonight", when I think, holy s@#&, Radney's singin' about my 2nd ex-wife Linda, a gum-snappin', dirty-legged, pinched-mouthed waitress on the Waffle House graveyard shift. It was only nine days, nuptials-to-annulment. Linda sure got around some, though. My personal favorite turns out to be “I’m Used to It”. Once more, Radney guides me through my own personal morass of relationships cast asunder, unintended consequences and chasms of misery that I dug with my own two hands. . But a pleasant surprise is Ashley Arrison’s killer background vocals. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think she is Radney’s duetin’ soulmate. The band that Radney has assembled for this album is like a force multiplier; it ratchets his performance up by a whole order of magnitude. Mike McAdam has unseated my former first chair of the scalded-ass guitar, Pete Anderson. He makes poor Pete sound like Shirley Temple on a uke. While the whole band cooks on “Foldin’ Money”, Mike delivers chops reminiscent of a 16-horsepower Stihl saw with a new chain. This sets up a nice dichotomy with mandolin phenom Chris Thiele (you might as well change your name to Mandolin Phenom Chris …), who lays in spinet-like riffs between McAdam’s afterburners. And Matt Thompson’s backbeat on a set of excess inventory Martin Yan wokpots is positively primal The ribbon on this Christmas package is “Texas in 1880”. While not part of the live set, “Texas …” hooks up like a small-block Chevy WFO on a full bottle of nitrous. The whole album is full of welcome feints and twists on old Radney standards, and the new stuff delivers on my favorite Radney genre – foot-stompin’ honky-tonk with lyrics meant for the MENSA Lonely Hearts Sub-Committee. The result is a fierce, but earnest day’s work for Muckleroy – and more fun than rodeo sex.
Radney Foster  08/02/2001            
I remember Radney back in the 90's when he was a Nashville artist...What a huge change!!! This guy is great!! I hope to see many more albums out of him
Radney Foster  07/20/2001            
Radney Foster  07/16/2001            
go back to f#%ckin' nashville!!!!
Radney Foster  07/13/2001            
Brian Deal
As a huge music fan I can only saw this is a a excellent live album. It captures the feel that only Radney has, a honest and true musician. He displays his real effection and emotion in each song. The one thing that stands out most about this CD to me is the new arragements of some old favorites, like "Just Call Me Lonesome" it sounds great. The excellent Mandolin work of Chris Thile of Nickle Creek and Bryon House on stand up bass is just awesome. Check this Cd out You'll love it.
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