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Tommy Alverson
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Arlington's Tommy Alverson should be the permanent face of the independent Texas country music movement. He embodies all the hallmarks of the sound, and the mind-set. Alverson is Lone Star proud. He's artistically beholden to nobody but himself. He loves Americana music, that decidedly Texas blend of country, swing, Tex-Mex, Southern rock, folk and blues. He writes songs, but also has no qualms about recording good material from somebody else's pen. He's made a living playing
music his way.

Alverson's new CD, Texas One More Time, encapsulates his creative mantra in 14 songs. He covers expansive territory. You get a classic Texas country anthem ("Texas One More Time"), a honky-tonk corker ("Broken Hearted People"), a swinging country ballad ("Don't Mind If I
Do"), a Western swing number ("It's Hard to Say for Sure"), a bluesy rave-up ("Sweet Love"), a Tex Mex nugget ("Move to Texas") and a humorous ditty ("Willie's Place").

Texas One More Time is Alverson's ninth disc in a career that has been incredibly steady. He's carved a livelihood playing and recording the music he cherishes in the state he calls home. That's the epitome of successful. He doesn't need anything else. By MARIO TARRADELL / The Dallas Morning News

Alverson’s been making music with a Lone Star state of mind – and sound – for decades, yet his popularity is still growing. When he won the 2007 Best Country and Western Music Award from Fort Worth Weekly, the paper declared, “If there is such a thing as Cowtown country music’s elder statesman, he’s it.”
Though Alverson has stood on Texas’ honky-tonk and dance hall stages since way before he could be called an elder statesman of anything, the first time radio really paid attention was with the Jimmy Buffett-ish “Una Mas Cerveza,” a song on 1999’s, Lloyd Maines-produced Me on the Jukebox. Ironically, that one allowed him to quit his 30-year gig with Miller Brewing Co. so he could hit the road and sing his songs. FW Weekly


Tommy Alverson fiercely hews to the time-honored Texas country music tradition—a little swing, a little twang,  a lot of heart. He’s a mentor, producer, festival promoter, songwriter and singer who takes responsibility for keeping boot marks on the honky-tonk hardwood floor.



Whenever I see Tommy’s name, I know I’m in for a real country music experience.

Robert K. Oerman-Nashville, Tn.



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Tommy Alverson  05/17/2002            
Dan Taylor
This is a good CD. I know Tommy and you just dont find a more genuine human being than Tommy. This guy is just like you and me. If I had to define his style, it would be, strictly professional but in a Buffet kinda way. Get this CD and get Jukebox also. If you really want to ezperience true talent and passion, go to a concert. Tommy does not disappoint. Try to find a show when his son Justin is playing gutiar. This will make you want to get out that old Gibson and pick a little. God Bless
Tommy Alverson  11/20/2001            
Dana Jones
"Alive & Pickin" Some artists I am just glad to get to go and see perform. Othere I feel as though it's a special privilege to sit in their presence and watch. Tommy Alverson is one of those artists. Thes part is that as incredibly talented as he is, he is just as incredibly nice when you meet him. This LIVE performance taped at the Chatauqua Auditorium in Waxahachie in March of 2000 (except for the final cut). As I listened, it was as if I were transported to Waxahachie and watching the Tommy Alverson Band on stage. Not many live cd's have that kind of feel to them. This album is full of Alverson fan favorites, all of which were written or co-written by Alverson. "Texas Woman", "I Don't think I'll Go to Mexico", "Buy Me a Bar" are really standouts here. "How Good a Bad Woman Feels", "Not Tonight I've Got A Heartache" I found exceptionally good too. Listening again in my children's Elementary school parking lot, I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable and kept reaching for my cold beer that just wasn't there. The final track, "Una Mas Cerveza" taped LIVE at Larry Joe Taylor's 12th Annual Chili Cook Off and Texas Music Festival on April 29, 2000. I've never been to the Meridian gatherings, at least, not until this song. It has to be the next best thing to being there. The music is perfectly balanced with the crowd and was also perfectly balanced with my 4 year old in the back seat just singing right along. Again the only thing that would make listening to this song any better, would be "Una Mas Cerveza" in hand. This is one CD that any OKOM fan shouldn't be without.
Tommy Alverson  10/15/2000            
Just so everyone doesn't think I'm completely negative I thought I would mention an artist never seems to get the attention he deserves. He is what Texas music is all about. I was in California a few months ago, and Tommy Alverson is who I listened to when I starting getting homesick and missing Texas. He is often overlooked for the "Pretty Boys", but he is truly a legend in the making. And twenty years from now when no one remembers Pat Green, there will be people sitting around singing Gary P. Nunn, Larry Joe Taylor, and Tommy Alverson tunes. If you don't have one of his CD's you are missing out.
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