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Cowboy's Dancehall - San Antonio
Cowboy's Dancehall - San Antonio
3030 N.E. Loop 410
San Antonio,Tx 78218
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For a one-stop, one-night taste of the Lone Star State, hoof on over to the Far West Rodeo, where modern cowpokes get all the sights, sounds, tastes and action it took their daddies "more 'n a month of Sundays" to lock horns with -- all packed into one boot-scootin', bull-buckin' evening. Behind the colorful, western town facade of this 70,000-square-foot, country western-theme complex, there's a passel of mighty-pleasin' attractions. First off, there's good ol' country music Thursday through Saturday nights and sometimes Wednesdays, with doors opening at 8. Wednesdays are special events nights, tipping a Stetson recently to popular Americana artists, and Thursdays feature dance lessons starting at 7 p.m. The Friday night live action features top national country western recording artists and bands, and Saturdays offer the best of regional country bands. Other times, a deejay rides herd on hit country-western CDs from a booth on the second story of the old jail -- part of the Western storefronts along the stage-side wall of the main dance floor. And with two "Texas-size" dance floors (on two levels) to choose from, plus a state-of-the-art video, lighting and sound system, you can "two-step" the night away with all the other blue-jeaned cowboys and gals who stake their claim here Wednesday through Saturday nights. For the "urban cowboys" there's often some rock 'n' roll added to the mix, and it's not unusual for "Amarillo by Morning" to be followed by "Play That Funky Music, White Boy." But hey, this is 21st-century Texas, and today's cowgirl may just be wearing a Spandex leopard halter top with her Levis and Justin Ropers, while modern Wyatt Earps can sport gold neck chains instead of the old bandana. If you're hankerin' for a little heart-pounding, hoof-stomping rodeo excitement, on Fridays and Saturdays, Far West Rodeo offers a 20,000-square-foot Pro Rodeo Arena, with professional cowboys riding ornery bulls for prize money, cowgirls barrel-racing and rodeo clowns clowning around. Heck, the show even kicks off with the traditional rodeo opening prayer and cowgirl on horseback circling the arena with Old Glory as the audience sings the "Star Spangled Banner." For the really daring, "wanna-be" rodeo stars can try their luck off to the side of the main dance floor where, tucked in a red-padded corner, a hulking mechanical bull waits to give you a taste of that back-jarring, bruise-raising rodeo sport at two dollars a pop. (The bull's ever-vigilant "operator" has been known to go a tad easy on obvious city dudes and "let 'er rip" for hardened cowpokes.) And be forewarned that video monitors and screens throughout the complex will chronicle your ride for people throughout this vast "cowplex," which includes a tabled mezzanine area overlooking the lower level dance floor, seven bars to "belly up" to and a billiards and games area. There's also a "Stetson Store" offering a variety of "dry goods" ranging from genuine Stetson hats and Western wear to guitar-shaped fly-swatters and mini cow skulls. Nachos, quesadillas and other Tex-Mex tasties are available from snack bars, while Western-garbed waitstaff mosey between the tables offering traditional dance hall beer as well as colorful Jell-O "shots" proffered from psychedelic trays. It's old, it's new and it's all pure Texas fun. So saddle up and head on out the trail for a taste of entertainment, Texas-style, at Far West Rodeo.

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