Ahh Summer
Hope you all had a GREAT summer. We had a pretty good one and thanks for asking. So what was it that we did over the summer...uh?...uh?...OH YEAH…we came pretty danged close to completely selling out the Rib Room at our hometown Ringo Manor Release party. We shot a video...tba on the release btw. Uh… we had a great night and tripled the regular turn out at the Wormy Dog in Oklahoma City…good fun there…I even fell off the stage for the first time ever...hey when in Rome...ahh yes good times indeed. Well...that’s about it for the whole band playing out live over the summer. The rest of the HOTTEST SUMMER IN RECORDED HISTORY John and I talked and talked and talked. We were out there pounding the pavement like we were running for office. We did everything a good candidate does...even kissed a few babies! We did several acoustic performances. We did a really cool webcast via StageIt for the digital release of Ringo Manor and we contributed our time to several worthwhile causes and benefits too. We did radio, kissed more babies, shook hands, ate pie...and did some print interviews...yup for you folks under 21 those are old fashioned interviews that appear in those things called newspapers...the digital age sometimes takes the fun outta things. Having your mom buy up every copy of a newspaper in town is still the coolest! Like all good candidates we put top priority on meeting people and letting them get to know us. One of our funnest experiences was judging the Oklahoma Star contest. That’s sorta like American Idol with bull riding, corn dogs, lots of hats and the smell of cow pies in the air. Actually, it's an annual singing contest at the Phil Gardenhire Memorial Rodeo. This was our second year to judge and perform. We would like to thank our great friends at the Poteau Chamber of Commerce for always including Hillbilly Vegas and letting everyone know about us and what we're doing. We had some great fun those 5 nights and got to hear some really great talent from all around Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas. So, how come John and I were doing our best impression of Truman? Well...we've got an album to promote and that's the best way to get the message out. We spent as much time as we could at every stop talking about ‘Ringo Manor.’ We took every opportunity we could to tell people the stories behind the songs, the great experiences we had recording in Nashville with our COOL Dadio producer Richie Owens and of course we told everyone we met and talked to where they could get our beloved creation…that would be iTunes, Amazon, Red Dirt Music Company dot com and of course right here on our website too. So after spending the better part of 2 months as a duo, John and I are way, way ready to get the band back to THE Ringo Manor and start making some noise. It's time and just like football's Hillbilly Vegas season. This fall we're taking our NOISE all over Big 12 country baby! In September we'll be visiting Whiskey Wild in Columbia, Mizzou, Longhorns Saloon in Manhattan, Kansas...look OUT Bill Snyder...then back home to our beloved BOOMER SOONER land for a few shows in the Oklahoma City market! That's 3 Big 12 Conference stops alone in September with MORE, MORE, MORE to come! On October 22 we're coming back home for a very special night in Poteau with the Kentucky Headhunters...we can't wait! We've said since day one that the Headhunters were and are one of our biggest influences as a band...they blazed a trail of shredding guitars and hillbilly attitude that we are thrilled to be trying to get on now. This is going to be a great night for us...and the entire city of Poteau! Get your tickets can find the Poteau Balloonfest page on Facebook. So...keep checking back in daily and...heck hourly sometimes the way things are beginning to move around here and see where we're headed next. The Big 12 this fall and we'll be trying to get our 'people' to let us hit the SEC South this basketball know weather and all. If ya haven't got your copy of Ringo Manor yet...what THE WORLD!!! Go get it!



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