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WholeWheat  12/07/2021          
Barry Coughlin
Artist Review
Your music still rings true and clear Barry. Remember the Kent Finlay days at Cheatham Street. And Wendy. You and Neil brought a lot of fun to many good times. Music is your gift.
Rene' West  12/22/2020          
Charlie Shafter
Artist Review
Music that is Alive and comforts the Soul! Charlie Shafter has a sound that reverberates your senses. This Awesome Band brings back Old times with modern acoustics giving you a CD you can listen to over and over again. His Music.. is The perfect gift for anyone.
Kari w.  04/24/2020          
Cody Kouba
Artist Review
Not only a great performer and an awesome guy I grew up listen to him and his band practicing in a barn when they first got started to listen to him now so proud to not only know the singer but also the man I still try to make any of his shows when in the area keep making great songs and music. in my family my mom dad brothers and me you got fans for life
Eugene D. Merritt  12/25/2019          
Mark Jungers
Artist Review
Americana melting with harmonica and guitars, Somewhere songs and stories that define the lonesome prairie right around the bend from the abandoned dusty train depot and rusty farm tractors..Everyone just loves this guy.
Frank james  02/08/2019          
Johnny Rodriguez
Artist Review
I am a huge fan. I love his first two albums. I feel they are his best work. he should be in the Country Music Hall of Fame.
Ty Burkhardt  12/29/2018          
Al Barlow
Artist Review
He's my grandpa! I love the seed song and the matchbox song!
Gecko  12/20/2018          
Matt King
Artist Review
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then James McMurtry should be extremely flattered.
Mike  12/03/2018          
Green Whiskey
Artist Review
Exelant, got CD. From you at a show. Stilll listen to it alot. You all sill living on 5th. Street ? Anyways love your soud.
K bickham  10/30/2018          
Dustin Perkins Band
Artist Review
You know how i feel about you i miss you and you are the greatest to me
Shirley Murphy  09/26/2018          
Cary Windham
Artist Review
I have been in the Music field for many years and was raised in the Music Industry. I have found that Cary Windham is one of the BEST Songwriter's I've come across. Cary's music is heart warming and he has a way of making each song feel like your own. He's musical creativity is off the charts. Cary is not only an amazing Songwriter, he sings all his songs with feeling and connects with his audience. His voice is very smoothing yet can be electrifying through the expression of his emotion with each song he sings to be very smoothing and gives us a connection to all our hearts.

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