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Peg S.  07/31/2014          
Barry Coughlin
Artist Review
Just got Premonition & it's awesome. A 17.5 hour trip to Thunder Bay is a straight shot and unforgettable!
Chris Childers  07/29/2014          
Micky & the Motorcars
Artist Review
Ive been a motorcars fan since the beginning. 7 albums and a million miles later they are still railing out albums as good if not better than the first. Keep it up boys and ALWAYS stay true to this red dirt revolution. PI$$ on Nashville.
John C.   07/25/2014          
Playin' With A Flame
This CD is the real deal. This band has a unique sound that screams Texas Country. Fantastic album!
Ford Man  07/12/2014          
Breaking Even
Excellent Texas music album. Fresh new sound with an amazing voice and some even more amazing music and lyrics. I can smell the Texas windflowers on I-20 when I listen to this album.
H2  07/03/2014          
Luke Olson
Artist Review
Howdy neighbor love the luckenbach sticker on the truck...pleasant reminder :)
CSN  06/25/2014          
Barry Coughlin
Artist Review
Just heard Barry again in Galveston. His voice has only gotten better!! He knows all the best songs and I really enjoyed his original songs. Very entertaining.
Alan  06/25/2014          
Barry Coughlin
Artist Review
Barry, really enjoyed listening to you play in Wimberly, Texas. Great music on the Blanco River.
R  05/29/2014          
John Fullbright
Artist Review
I first saw this guy in Moab at the folk festival last November, seen him twice since. He's a fantastic songwriter and performer. I now own all of his cd's.
T  05/23/2014          
John Fullbright
Artist Review
Picked up this new album a few weeks ago at a release concert John did in OK. WOW! Fullbright is a hell of a writer and an amazing musician.
Alan  05/16/2014          
Texas Sunrise
Ever since the 90s, I've been putting together an annual list of the year's best albums. Trying to rank them is completely subjective and a little ridiculous, but whenever I question the wisdom of this absurdly herculean task, an album like this one comes along and reminds me why I make the effort. You might think that after ten albums, a film score and a handful of tracks scattered across the internet, Jenifer Jackson would have settled on one particular style. But that would be too easy. She likes to reinvent herself, so, the cd you are holding right now, her eleventh, is where she goes deeper than ever into the Americana roots she loves so much. Jenifer has always had a thing for vintage country sounds - for example, you may remember Trouble Fire, a country ballad as exquisitely sad as they get, from Jenifer's third album, Birds. Making Austin, deep in the heart of Texas, her home base, was an auspicious move that fascilliated the creation of this charming, funny, poignant, meticulously crafted collection of songs. Great songwriters never have to look far to find great musicians. The Austin-based cast of characters here have a chemistry and and unselfconsciously joyous connection to the music as direct and intense as any group Jennifer has ever assembled, to rival her first teenage band in Boston (with Paul Bryan and Jay Bellerose), and her New York band with guitar genius Oren Bloedow. So, it's no surprise that for the first time ever, Jenifer includes songs here that she's written with others. There's the deliciously aphoristic Heart with a Mind of Its Own, a classic country co-write with Dickie Lee Erwin. And Kullen Fuchs, who plays a small vanload of instruments on this, co-wrote the artfully arranged duet Paint It Gold as well as the gently visionary anthem White Medicine Cloud. And the rest of this is the Jenifer Jackson we know and love: no wasted words, no wasted notes, a voice and a vision which can be as tender as they are resolute. And fun too! The countrypolitan chamber swing of Texas Sunrise; the way the pulsing string section parts the waters for Kullen's recorder on All Around; that jaunty walk down Phil Spencer's bass into a counterintuitive chord change as In Summer begins; and the elegant handoff from cello, to accordion, to bubbly mariachi horns in On My Mind are just a small handful of the boundlessly imaginative touches here that reveal themselves with repeated listening. You are in for a real treat with this record. Alan Young New York Music Daily November 2013

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