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Felicia  04/02/2014          
Paul Eason
Artist Review
I love Paul Eason! He portrays Texas!! I love his voice and songs. My favorites are, The Mountains of Nuevo Leon, Tonight We Ride, and Sweet Red Llano Wine. I think Peanut Butter is cute ;) You Rock Paul!
KingofTAMU  03/30/2014          
Album Review
Awesome name, even more awesome music. Certainly enjoy everything this guy puts out.
Gary in AZ  03/11/2014          
Pear Ratz
Artist Review
Kick Ass !! Just got turned on to them from Spotify recommendations. When they coming to Phoenix !! Killer.
T  03/08/2014          
Brandon Steadman Band
Artist Review
I love this band!!!!
J. Lahey  03/06/2014          
Good Will Suitcase
This is a great album! It's Pure Texas rock and roll. The songs are strong, feature great harmonies and guitar work. Very listenable. Very catchy, Very good.
Kerry Moreland  03/05/2014          
*VINYL* Rose Queen
There is not a "filler" song on this album. Every song is radio play worthy.
Brad H  03/03/2014          
Austin Allsup
Artist Review
A real Texas treasure. We are so lucky to have this guy so close to home here in Fort Worth. If you haven't seen his live show, get to one ASAP... and pick up the CDs or get on iTunes now!
Schmidt Dog  02/26/2014          
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion
Artist Review
This is the best we have seen thus far from Jeremy - he is definitely showing growth as an artist and he is making really solid music. The Story is my favorite so far. This is a great album and Jeremy is a great should buy My Own American Dream and support true Texas country music.
matthew w  02/11/2014          
Mad Anthony Wayne
Artist Review
I love these goes, does anyone have a good contact for Tony? He used to be a friend of mine back in Maine.
adam higgins  01/30/2014          
John Inmon
Artist Review
first met john at a gary p nunn show in corpus christi he put me on jerry jeffs newsletter list (they were actually on paper then ) and i began to watch them everywhere john is a great artist and a nice guy jerry jeff aint the same without john but there was a time when no one could follow them and id be on the front row 10 feet from john and jerry jeff it was great

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