Kyle Park to perform Saturday at RaiderGate and Wild West

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For Austin-based Texas country singer Kyle Park, releasing several EP’s was just the way to go both artistically and economically.
“It’s just a way for me to release music faster to the fans,” said Park.  “The whole thing of making a 12-song album is that you go in and write for three or four months, you write the songs you want and then you go in and record for two months … with us, we tour year round and I don’t have time to sit down and write 12 songs.”
Earlier this year, Park released his first EP called, “Spring 2010,” which contains only four tracks: “Any Day or Night,” “Prove It to You,” “I’m Missing You” and “Just a Fake Smile.”
“Prove it to You” was co-written with Geoffrey Hill of the Randy Rogers Band.
His next EP is simply named, “Fall 2010,” and is expected to be released Sept. 21.
So why is it better for Park to piece a few songs together, instead of doing an LP?
First of all, Park said it gives his fans a chance to always have something new to listen to when he does a concert. It’s also good for Park because he gets to constantly promote new music through the album stores and radio stations.  It’s also quite a bit more economical.
Park said he got the idea for releasing an EP from the earlier days of music when a fan could get a two-song short-play record instead of buying the LP album. Also, since Park does his own writing and producing, releasing EPs helps Park learn as he goes.
“I wanted to make sure I recorded the right thing and I didn’t want to fail, that was for sure,” Park said laughing.  “It’s still doing well and all of the songs on the EP are some of our most popular songs at the show, and that’s really cool.”
Park plans on letting the fans choose from several of the songs on the EP’s for his long-play edition.  To him, that really gives his fans some freedom of choice.
As for the almost 200 shows he does a year, Lubbock, he said, is one of his most favorite places to play.
“I want to say we’re gonna have another really, really good show for sure.”

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