Revered Rocker Escovedo Surfaces for B-N Show


When The Boss joined Alejandro Escovedo for a three-song encore at Asbury Park's legendary Stone Pony several months back, it wasn't just some opportune schmoozing going down.

It was more proof -- as if any is needed -- of Escovedo's elevated standing among his peers, both young and old.

To that end, Bruce Springsteen is an even-keel peer: similarly aged (61 to Escovedo's 59) and a kindred spirit in the realm of starkly expressive rock poetry set to an unadorned roots beat.

Their simpatico voices are like a match made in sonic heaven, witness Springsteen's hand-in-glove duet ("Faith") with Escovedo on the latter's new album, "Street Songs of Love" (much of it penned with Chuck Prophet, who, coincidentally, is also in the area this weekend.

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