Granger Smith will headline at 'Rodeo'

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His name was Peter, and one of his responsibilities as a serviceman was to show Texas country singer Granger Smith around the base during the performer's entertainment tour of Iraq.

Two weeks after returning home to Texas, Smith was told that Peter, with whom he had formed a bond, had been killed in action. It's people like Peter, and Smith's grandfather, who inspired "5 More Minutes" from his latest album.

Smith returns to Amarillo today for a 10 p.m. concert at Midnight Rodeo, 4400 S. Georgia St.

The song "5 More Minutes" is the third track on Granger's album "Don't Listen to the Radio," which released last year.

In his own way, Smith's grandfather, who was a pilot in World War II, contributed to the song.

After his grandfather's passing, Smith started reading his flight diary and it raised a series of questions Smith had never asked him, or even thought to ask. As he read the journal, Smith wished for one last visit with the man who had experienced so much in his lifetime.

"I wished I had five more minutes just to sit down with him," Smith said. "As the song kind of developed, it ended up being more along the lines that once we realize we could have five more minutes with someone, we could do that immediately with people in our lives right now."

Smith, who has performed three musical tours in Iraq and Kuwait, said he dedicates his music to those who are serving their country in the military. He said he felt guilty watching men and women going to war while he enjoys his comfortable life touring the country and playing music.

Smith, who describes his brand of music as a vibe somewhere in the middle of Texas country, Red Dirt and Nashville, said he'll be giving a lot back to local fans who have supported his career over the years.

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