KHYI's Texas Music Revolution 15 Featuring Robert Earl Keen and Old 97's

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A majestic Texas ranch is a fitting backdrop for a country music festival that views itself as a revolution.

This all-day affair, held at Southfork Ranch, is packed with a brilliant mixture of national and regional talent, all in an effort to provide attendees with an apt symbolization of what they hear when they tune in to the host radio station, KHYI-95.3 FM The Range. To be sure, this is one day-long show that requires attendance from the onset, thanks to key upstart locals including The Will Callers, Somebody's Darling, Rodney Parker and The O's. Even Austin's Deadman will lend their soulful support to the cause.

And the two nationally beloved headliners aren't only tied to Texas, but showcase divergent styles of what so many lazily deem as "Texas Country." Dallas' beloved Old 97's scorch a path that rocks more than it swings, while noted Hill Country dweller Robert Earl Keen displays country songcraft at its folksy best.

For the independent station's 15th Texas Music Revolution, best replica watches The Range capably proves that any battalion needs not only its share of charismatic, strong-willed leaders, but also a group of supporters that possess every bit the passion and ability as the proven parties leading the charge.

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