Fred Andrews and Honeybrowne play Rockin'Rodeo

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Life's been pretty sweet for Fred Andrews and Honeybrowne these days, especially since the release of their latest 6-track EP "Indie Till We Sell Out," which reads more like an advertisement than it does a record title.

"Yeah, it's a joke, I guess," Andrews said and then laughed. "If you think about it like we're independent until we actually do sell out. You know we take pride in being an indie band, but if a big label came around, you know, it's not exactly a cool thing to do but hell, offer us a big record deal, and there's a pretty good chance we might take it."

"Indie Till We Sell Out," which was released last year, actually was supposed to be a full-length record, but Andrews has had other things on his mind besides writing and recording new songs. The head Honeybrowne just became a dad for the second time and just hasn't had time to write. So instead of making the fans wait even longer for new material, Andrews decided to release an EP with the intention of putting his best foot forward.

"I felt like I had five or six really good songs written and then I had my second child so I didn't have time to write anymore," he said. "I didn't want to record anybody else's music, I just wanted to do my own. I wanted to put out our songs, so at the time, those were the best songs that I had."

One of those songs from the EP, "Beautiful Waste of Time," spent several weeks in the top 10 on the Texas Music Chart. What turned out to be a real waste of time was the effort spent by Andrews getting CMT and GAC to spin the video for it.

In the video, the guys in the band spend their time fighting for a girl who eventually leaves the bar with another woman. The video's content was a little more than the two networks wanted to handle. But, that's all good with Honeybrowne.

"I guess that wasn't what the song was written for, but we wanted to create a video for it and that was my idea and we all liked it," said Andrews. "I was like OK let's do this, but CMT and GAC won't pick it up because of that. But to hell with 'em, I don't care. It's a great video and a great song but, they are who they are, so yeah."

But that pretty much sums up Honebrowne's style. They're independent, lighthearted and about as far from selling out as any band could get.

Currently the band is working on some new material to round out its full-length album, but Andrews is in no hurry. He's enjoying life and being a dad. When it comes, it comes, but however long it takes, Andrews expects it will be well worth the wait.

As far as their local performance, Andrews said to expect a lot of drinking and dancing. And you really wouldn't expect anything less from a group that got its name from a barroom coaster.

"They should expect to be entertained," said Andrews. "Come ready to dance and make sure you drink a lot because we sound really good when you've got a good buzz."

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