Texas singer marches from Austin to Fort Hood

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Nearly 1.4 million Americans are serving active duty in the military.

 A nationwide campaign is helping others take time to walk a mile in military boots. Through the Boot Campaign, people can buy a pair of combat boots and the money is donated to veteran charities.

Celebrities including Texas singer Granger Smith have also joined the campaign as an outward symbol of appreciation for service members.

Smith strapped on his pair of boots Saturday and started his walk from South Austin to Fort Hood.

"There's epidemics and diseases and hurricanes, but one thing that's consistent is that our military is working for us."

Smith was in the ROTC, but instead of enlisting, he became a musician.

 He and his band members have performed around the world in Iraq and Kuwait. They’re places he sees service members and is reminded of the sacrifice they make.

"Me taking the civilian route, I was left with almost guilt that these guys were working so hard for what we call freedom. So, I feel like every year I need to do what I can as a payback," Smith said. "If it warms anyone's heart they can thank a soldier tomorrow and the mission is done."

Smith is scheduled to arrive at Fort Hood Thursday. He’ll walk the last six miles with community members.

Then, there’ll be a concert for the troops, their families and the community at the Legends Pub on post at 5 p.m. If you want to walk the last six miles, you should meet at 1 p.m. Thursday at the Killeen Shopping Center located at Highway 190 and W.

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