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Hambone  07/12/2000          
Owen Temple
Artist Review
I hate to say it, but Owen Temple is just another second rate performer (along with Roger Creager, Cory Morrow, and Pat Green). An earlier reviewer said, "For two people to bicker about who is better live wise or anything else is pretty dumb anyway". Is that not what reviews are all about? I mean, I for one can't afford to purchase every CD at so I need to be a little choosey on how I spend my hard earned money. All I am saying is that before I waste $13.99 on another Live Pat Green CD where I get to yell the word "Shinerbock" a dozen or so times, maybe I should MAKE SURE I own a quality artist like Jason Boland Or Cross Canadian Ragweed. That is all I was trying to say :)
Steve  06/17/2000          
General Store
Album Review
This cd is a "must have" for any fan of Texas Songwriters. Owen takes us on a journey across Texas on this debut CD. Songs like "Dry Creek" paint a vivid picture of Saturday afternoons in Austin. I recently moved out of state, but I can always put on this CD, grab a Shiner from the fridge, close my eyes, and Owen takes me home.
Kevin  06/05/2000          
Passing Through
Owen is following in the line of other Great Texas Singer / Songwriters. I highly recommend Owen.

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