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chris edwards  05/06/2008          
Live At the Old Quarter - 2 CDs
One of the best live recordings in any genre. This is really the way to hear Townes: just him and his guitar, his masterful songs and sackful of corny jokes. Truly amazing.
mpls fan  03/16/2008          
Townes Van Zandt
Artist Review
The original. Period.
slane  12/14/2006          
DVD - Be Here To Love Me
This a very well done documentary on a truly tragic hero of music. This is a must for any longtime music fan longing for the old days; or a young music fan longing to understand a great time. Many of today's great musicians cite Townes as a powerful influence on their careers. I am not a musician, but a professional appreciator, and Townes has been a great influence on my life.
streetlife brown  12/24/2004          
DVD - Houston 1988:A Private Concert
this is a badass dvd. the best way to hear townes: no pa system, just him and his guitar in a a hotel room in houston. A great addition to your collection!
Rat Poop  11/10/2004          
Townes Van Zandt
Artist Review
I am seeing many reviews that are so far off the mark. Why dont one of you idiots tell me why this man wasnt great?
Clint McClure  04/01/2004          
Legend - 2 CDs
This collection is just about the best thing I have ever come across. 46 of Townes' songs for 16 bucks is a great deal. The songs are awesome. One hell of a story teller.
kyleg  12/02/2003          
Delta Momma Blues
good cd
p_bauer  05/01/2003          
In the Beginning
‘In The Beginning’ is truly a great album; a definite must-have for any fan of Townes. The album is aptly named, introducing for the first time demos of his early career, 2 years prior to his first album. It’s still filled with the same compassionate, complex lyricism, and his sound transcends categorization of any music from that period. ‘Black Widow Blues,’ ‘Gypsy Friday,’ and ‘Maryetta’s Song’ are among my favorite songs. The recording is surprisingly good, and the packaging itself is attractive, with paintings and photographs of Townes in the booklet. This is good stuff. And I highly recommend it.
crw  01/24/2002          
Townes Van Zandt
Artist Review
I hope this is a review of high low and between and the late great townes van zandt which was put out by emi. It's a must have of any texas music fan. The music is pure poetry put out by an artist who has at this time still not been jaded by whiskey and personal problems. Some of my favorite tracks include 'You are not needed now', 'Standin'' , 'Blue Ridge Mountains', 'Fraulein', and of course 'Pancho and Lefty', and 'To live is to fly.' The songwriting is pure poety. A must for any collection.
WSMDX  01/16/2002          
Townes Van Zandt
Artist Review
Texas Rain is a great smpler of TVZ w/ the likes of Jacky Jack, Willie, Freddy Fender and on two cuts backed up w/ The Texas revolution Horns. All in all a great tribute to TVZ and Texas songwriters. WSMDX

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