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Saturdaychild  07/23/2004          
Songs of Kristofferson
Neither born nor ever lived in Texas, I too, find it revolting that there is so little talk of Kris Kristofferson – most anywhere. Is it because he not only shook the Country Music Establishment, but “transended” it? Do his politics play into it? To this day the audience (or is it The Music Establishment), that categorizes and therefore limits artists as Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Country, genres, etc. Kristofferson, in my opinion, is Universal. Rather than sacrificing an Army career or teaching post at West Point, I believe he chose to follow his “bliss.” Thank you, Kris - you have made my world a better place AND countless others from across this and other nations. Kristofferson is a Texas treasure – he is a world treasure. Texas songwriting at its best? YOU BET! He’s funny, smart, empathetic and sympathetic. California influence from Pomona College at its best? YOU BET!
Jeff Hopson  03/02/2004          
Songs of Kristofferson
As this beast known simply as "Texas Music", written, performed, and recorded by Texans (and a few who certainly should have been)grows to proportions unimagined, I find it revolting that there is so little talk of Kris Kristofferson, who single-handedly shook the Country Music establishment to it's very core and brought an intelligence to the table with song-writing the likes of which had not been seen in the hallowed halls of music row. Here was an outlaw, long uncombed hair, denim jackets, beard, living the role of the Pilgrim he wrote and sang about. Sacrifice? Gave up a career as an officer in the military (he was a helicopter pilot, his father a General)and status as a Professor, not to dismiss the fact that he's a Rhodes Scholar. Listen to "Who's to Bless and Who's to Blame", or "Jessie Younger", or "If You Don't Like Hank Williams", or "To Beat the Devil" and tell me that's not Texas songwriting at it's best. These cd's ought to be holy scripture in anyone's mind who treasures the unique twist that Texans (plus those few others)put on a lyric; no "pretty voice" needed; in fact that would just make a mess of things. Honest, rough, ravaged voice for a heart and songs of the same description. Kris is a Texas treasure. A little respect, huh?

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