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TXSam  06/24/2011          
American Aquarium * FREE SONG DOWNLOADS *
Great stuff!
Stephen S.  06/24/2011          
Burden Of Proof
Awesome CD from start to finish!
Susan  06/24/2011          
I love this song!
Jon   06/24/2011          
The Folgers Song *FREE DOWNLOAD*
Funny stuff!
Steve Rhinehart  11/12/2009          
Michael Shane Borden
Artist Review
Borden's music encompasses all that has made country music "The White Man's Blues". From the "love in trouble" theme of "HOUSTON (WE HAVE A PROBLEM)to the suggestive lyrics of "LOVE ME IN SPANISH", he proves himself an accomplished wordsmith as well as a materful musician. The evidence of the influence of the great honky tonk musicians of the past comes out in almost every track. A unique combination - well worth the wait since his last release.
Matt  09/21/2009          
Burden Of Proof
Picked up the cd last night. MSB sounds awesome just like always. First saw him at mean eyed cat in austin and have been a fan ever since. great cd!
Jack Middleton  09/19/2009          
Burden Of Proof
Unencumbered by Nashville's misguided direction, MSB takes the road less traveled with his new album Burden of Proof. Almost haunted by the great hall-of-fame troubadours, his prowess for story-telling is delivered with a blend of his rough-hewn vocal instrument and electrifying Austin-influenced brand of guitar. From a personal tribulation betrayed in "Pictures" to a rapturous ballad, "Love me in Spanish" this collection is testament to his mastery of the song-wright's craft.
MSJones  04/28/2008          
Modern Sounds Of Michael Shane Borden
Great Texas country music! From the first track to the last, this CD will not dissapoint. You will be hearing alot from MSB & The Diesel Kings in the very near future.

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