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Sunburn  03/18/2010          
Big To-Do
I always enjoyed the Cooley songs the most even when Jason was in the group.Patterson takes the spotlight on this album and has some good material.I really like Shonna's song "(It's Gonna Be) I Told You So".The last verse is kind of a let down though.
swa  03/17/2010          
Big To-Do
couldn't disagree more mia, this cd rocks. DBT is BACK!!!
DBT MIA  03/12/2010          
Big To-Do
This band just aint the same after Jason Isbell left. After waiting for them to compensate, I know now, after listening to this CD, that the old DBT is gone forever. This CD is a mess. Better off going back and listening to Southern Rock Opera or Dirty South to get your DBT fix.
Stephen  12/09/2009          
Drive By Truckers
Artist Review
DBT's are the backing band, along with Neil Young on lead guitar,for legendary Stax recording artist Booker T. Jones Grammy nominated instrumental album "Potato Hole".
Sun Burn  09/05/2009          
The Fine Print
I wasn't really digging the "Like A Rolling Stone" cover till Mike Cooley came in on the last verse and gave it a kick.The Tom T Hall cover "Mama Bake A pie" is great,as well as Pettys "Rebels"."Southern Accents" is an often overlooked album.
Truth  09/05/2009          
The Fine Print
This CD reminds you of how great DBT was (with Jason Isbell), and how very good they still are. The songs on this CD are all good, and a true DBT fan will really like the assortment of rarities. If you only bought this CD for Isbell's performance of "When the well runs dry", or DBT's "Like a rolling stone", it would be well worth it!
Sun Burn  09/03/2009          
The Fine Print
This is not really a review.It's a great album.I just thought it was neat that both DBT and CCR have Warren Zevon covers on there new albums.The scene in Apatows "Funny People" where Sandlers character thinks he's dying of cancer and Seth Rogen puts a Zevon song on a playlist for him was subtle.
alisue18  07/25/2009          
The Dirty South
So I finally bought this album at the only place I could find it, Barnes and Noble, and well It was the Dirty South case, and Cd, but when I pulled out the booklet, I started reading the songs and thought, that's not on here! lol, sure enough the booklet was for Decoration Day!! I thought that was a weird mix up. It made me sad now tho, cause I want the book for Dirty South, and now when I get Decoration Day, I'll have
Roll Tide  07/20/2009          
Live from Austin, TX [CD/DVD combo]
DBT is still the most important band from the South, and this CD underscores that. Even without Jason Isbell, they bring it. Some of you won't get it, and they don't care.
P Diddy  05/14/2008          
Brighter Than Creation's Dark
Very weak compared to prior CDs. Wow, do these guys need Jason Isbell back!


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