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oldrnwizer  08/14/2007          
The Rose Of The San Joaquin
Pure & simple the best CD TR has ever recorded~ no question! And that amounts to a lot, because all his songs are terrific~ Nothing else to say, this CD covers it all!
oldrnwizer  08/14/2007          
The Long Way Around
This is a great CD to give you a full view of Tom Russell's amazing range of talent. It is hard to imagine that a better descriptive song than "US Steel" will ever be written, but give Tom time ..."Blue Wing" is also one of my many TR favorites. I guess you must be aware of Mr. Russell or you wouldn't be readin' this, but just in case you've somehow been shortchanged by not having heard him ...change that situation! This isn't mindless rock'n roll or "country-for-radio", it's travelin'n thinkin' music! Enjoy!
Brian Burns  09/21/2006          
Tom Russell
Artist Review
Seeing that Tom only has two reviews here gives me hope that there is a Great Age Of Enlightenment just over the horizon in America. Tom is the official contemporary badass of American songwriting, in my humble opinion... kinda like Bob Dylan said about Lenny Bruce... "he's the brother that you never had." --BB
hank  03/21/2006          
Love and Fear
Album Review
Amazing. Plain and Simple. "Stealing Electricity" is phenominal. If you haven't heard of Tom Russell you must be living under a rock.
John Taine  09/12/2005          
DVD-Hearts on the Line
A very entertaining DVD with lots of great music and scenery from the train trip across Canada. All the Tom Russell classics, plus five new songs. I'll watch it many times.

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