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Sampson  11/27/2001          
Truckstop Diaries
Remember the first time you listened to your first Robert Earl song? Or maybe it was Pat Green? Or maybe it was Townes or Guy Clark or Jerry Jeff? Anyway, whoever that first artist was that turned you on to OKOM (Our Kind of Music), I promise you that Jason Boland will do the same for you a hundred fold. In fact, if I was a millionare I would buy a thousand or so of this CD and send it to anyone/everyone that was willing to just listen to it, because that is how impressed I am, and then I would have a thousand more friends all willing to buy me a beer. If there were such a thing as a StragglerHead (and there By Gawd should be), I would qualify. I absolutely LOVE these guys!!!! Seriously, if you are thinking about buying a CD from this site make it Pearl Snaps or Truckstop Diaries.
missouri  11/05/2001          
Truckstop Diaries
Put this cd in and head west away from Nashville, from its opening song to its bitter end, it will leave you with that shot full of holes feeling. Not that Jason isn't witty and funny and romantic with his songs, its just that he captures our lives so well, as well as Guy Clark and Todd Hoke, but he puts it a different way.
Kyle  08/06/2001          
Truckstop Diaries
This is an incredible CD! Jason and The Stragglers have outdone themselves with CD that is solid start to finish. "Gear and Dust" and "Shot Full of Holes" remind me of classic Haggard type old school country songs! Every track is excellent!!!!!
V  08/05/2001          
Truckstop Diaries
Outstanding CD. I'm sure Boland and the boys will be out kicking ass again soon. Get well soon.
Tim   07/04/2001          
Truckstop Diaries
This new Boland CD outta be great too. Pearl Snaps is one of my favorites and I hear great things about Truckstop Diaries. I think Mike McClure of the Great Divide produced it.

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