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AvantRetard  09/18/2009          
Wild, Free, & Reckless
Wayne is the sh*t!!! And I mean that in the best way possible! This guy who reviewd this and gave it two stars should go listen to Taylor Swift and give his Train Cd to someone who knows good music...Now I don't mean to be harsh but if you don't like Wayne Hancock you don't like music.
Aaron  07/11/2000          
Wild, Free, & Reckless
I had got this CD based on many people I had heard saying this guy was something great. A throw back to old style country. I liked the sound of that thought. Wayne has the voice of Hank Williams and that is cool by me. The only thing that got me was that on virtually all of the songs on the CD he had almost the same exact delivery and style as Hank. It's one thing if your voice sounds like Hank, but to do the same exact style as Hank seemed overwhelmingly unoriginal. There were some songs on the CD i liked but I couldn't get over how he would not vary his style from the beloved Williams.

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