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trigo  10/22/2009          
Try Not To Listen
wade is amazing, nuff said
Steve CollinsFrom KY  11/06/2005          
Try Not To Listen
This Is one of the best cd's I have ever bought. Cant get enough of it.
ghettofrog  05/28/2005          
Try Not To Listen
Try not to listen is a very good cd. I love Wade's voice and the instrumentation is alright. What really stands out for me though are the lyrics. Very few artists have cd's in which I connect as much with the lyrics as I do with this one.
Clint McClure  06/22/2004          
Try Not To Listen
When I first listened to this record I was hooked. It's the kind of CD you can play on a road trip and before you realize you should switch to another CD, this has already played two or three times. I was fortunate enough to meet Wade in Steamboat Springs during the festival. Very nice guy. Keep on making music. I'll keep on listening.
meredith  12/08/2003          
Try Not To Listen
Wade, I think you guys are doing a great job. I love watching the solo acts with Bleu and Stoney La Rue. I also love the little comments in between sets when you three guys play together. I have seen you guys at Poor David's Pub, Woody's Tavern, and The Horseman's Club. All of my girl friends and I are planning the trip for New Year's Eve. We can't wait for that. You say in your music all the things we all think about in or out of relationships. It is cool to also hear some of the guys' point of view too. Your music has helped me alot. I just love to sing along and dance to it. Keep playing on, I love it.
Karen in the Garden  11/13/2002          
Try Not To Listen
I agree with TX ajr. Wade was very polite when I met him. I can't wait to see him again. Foul mouth Wayne Fisbo does not need to be posted on this site again. Why do plan to attend another Wade Bowen show if you hate him so much. GROW UP!
TX ajr  10/30/2002          
Try Not To Listen
Love the albumn...especially "Why can't you love me" and "Please come to Boston". I've seen Wade a few times, even got to meet him and I think he's great. To the jerk-offs who trashed 'em, get a grip! I'm sure they do a much better job than you could!
wayne fisbo  07/18/2002          
Try Not To Listen
In the spirit of Wayne Fisbo - I heard Wade Bowen trash talking another band at ADAIRS a couple of weeks ago . . . really professional dude. In fact what I heard come out of your mouth like "they're white trash" and "they have no talent" wasn't true of them but of YOU! You sorry sack of shit! When I see you next I won't even bother introducing myself but know that I'm going to whoop your candy ass good. Mono y mono. Fuck you and fuck your so called music and get a message board on your web site so I can bitch at you more!
aaron  07/18/2002          
Try Not To Listen
Try not to listen . . . when I read the title of the song, excuse me, the title track as well, I couldn't help but think what a horrible title to name any musical piece. But then I remembered that these guys in West 84 and "Wade Bower" aren't real musicians to begin with. It's easier to like this band when you set your standards as low as humanly possible. Try not to listen? After hearing this album, I won't have to try.
Chris Rue  04/27/2002          
Try Not To Listen
Another bad-ass album! I didn't think the first could get any better, so thanks for proving me wrong. Also if you like the CD, you'd love their concert. Always a great time with good-lookin' girls, cold beer, and great music.


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