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Scott  05/06/2006          
Flowers & Liquor
Hayes offers lyrical intricacy and complexity that remind you of Guy Clark, a sense of humor that reminds you of Lyle Lovett, and a brute sincerity to life's emotions that reminds you of Townes Van Zandt. But Hayes's early efforts indicate he will shine on his own as one of Texas's finest.
david neely  06/20/2002          
Flowers & Liquor
had hayes been born 150 yrs ago he would have been byron or keats. in the world of today he is our new poet. this is a young man with an old soul. how many of us knew at 26 that "old friends just fade away". you will find many hit home phrases in hayes well crafted work. add this cd to your collection. listen to it often. each time u will find new threads in the tapestry.
Metro  05/31/2002          
Flowers & Liquor
I have been watching this guy do his thing for years and man are ya'll in for a treat. Hayes, I heard the cd at the Old Quarter the other night and it blew me away. This is truly a great album. Rock, country, folk, blues, you got it all brother. Great lyrics and great music. Keep on truckin and I'll see you down the road.

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