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MOTLEY  06/12/2008          
Twelve Pieces
I wish I could be at the Dog this friday got to work !!!! I'ts great 2 see a Hometown Tecumseh boy make it !!!!...Keep rockin'
Ga Girl  10/03/2006          
Twelve Pieces
I absolutely LOVE this CD. Mike McClure is definitely one of my favorite TX bands and this CD is one of the best!!
JCrispy  03/13/2004          
Twelve Pieces
Awesome cd. lots of acoustic. great songwriter. wish he came to California! would give anything to see him live. well worth the money. dont miss this one!
Heidi S.  05/01/2003          
Twelve Pieces
This may be Mike at his finest. This is such a soulful album. It makes me very happy to be one of his biggest fans every time I hear it. Mike McClure is a genius among us, he deserves a lot more credit than he receives. His music is so real and his voice enchants you. I get so excited to read his words because I know it will send my brain on a great trip. I know we will see great things from him in the future with his new sound/band. Thanks Mike!
Jared  04/17/2003          
Twelve Pieces
Honestly, the best Cd I've ever purchased. He is an amazing songwriter.
MC  02/20/2003          
Twelve Pieces
A Wonderful work. One of the best acoustic albums out there. He is one of the few people that God has blessed with an incredible songwriting gift. Check it out and you will love it.
mj  09/25/2002          
Twelve Pieces
This is an absolutely incredible cd. One of the best I've heard in ages.
Dustin  06/12/2002          
Twelve Pieces
McClure has a great voice and his song writing abilities are rivaled by few.
Chip  06/11/2002          
Twelve Pieces
Best songwriter there is,worth every dime. Pay attention you will be touched by poetry.

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