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Pops  02/05/2009          
Let That Poor Boy Sing
Well folks, to complete this anthlogogy of reviews for my boy, I've gotta say, this one leaves a rock in my throat. My favourite. As you've likely guessed, we are somewhat celebrities but hot dang we've stayed humble. While TV was our meal ticket, music was always our love (except from Chuck that no..) People have always said that it's not the talent that matters (thank God), but the heart. Richie proved that over and over just being a little snot all his life. Joanie too; trying to nail Jenny Picallo and Joan Jett while playing Scott for the fool. Austin, well, with him it's being left so far behind all the other action and still becoming a star. Last week on the "Turnline Tour" (in the smaller baseball park betwen the Jefferson Dry Cleaning complex and Whiskey Cat's)he took home 2nd place in the "Best Ballad by a Local" with his new nut twister "Ain't my gam a gamer?" Tears were a rollin' brothers and sisters and ol' Howard was right there with that same piss coloured mist running down my cheek that Marion had on hers on our first date 54 years ago. Marion's gone now, and the other kids are living their lives (except Chuck...), but me and Austin stay close. Yep, I'm also his manager and that's enough to keep anyone busy. Don't forget to buy all of his music. Richie had a fight with us a while back and cut us off from HD royalties so we're kinda screwed there. Austin thinks we can take the William Weenie Wizard contest at Sam's tonight, so we'll be ok today, but life's a struggle ain't it? Don't forget, it ain't "Red Dirt"; it's just bad country.

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