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Tiffany from ok  07/06/2006          
Live & Loud at the Wormy Dog
I can't get enough of Cody andthe rest of the band. I've seen them in concert twice already and Jason Boland once. I'm one of their biggest fans and hope to see them live at Cain's, If I could only get tickets!
okie in south texas  03/08/2006          
Live & Loud at the Wormy Dog
The boys absolutley killed at the houston rodeo. One of their best performances ever. And being from oklahoma, and once a drifter around the yellow house, i've seen them a few times. The best of CCR is ahead of us. Keep rockin boys.
Tara Halford  01/17/2006          
Live & Loud at the Wormy Dog
The coolest ever!!! Loved the concert and never get tired of listening to their music!
Ronnie  05/04/2004          
Live & Loud at the Wormy Dog
A real treat to listen to.
Tex  04/03/2002          
Live & Loud at the Wormy Dog
This is the coolest band ever. It's not country but it's not exactly rock. Kind of "Yall-ternitive"
Brent Schneider  08/05/2001          
Live & Loud at the Wormy Dog
Cross Canadian Ragweed is so money!!! They put on the best show I've ever seen, and they have an awesome following. I just hope that when they make it big they won't stop playing at bars in Stillwater.
wally dog  07/10/2001          
Live & Loud at the Wormy Dog
What are they putting inthe water up north. These guys know how to put on a show and make everyone enjoy it. Thumbs up and wish you guys the best of luck.

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