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steve  02/14/2008          
Soul Gravy
randy rodgers and chris knight did them guys are good but you shouldnt remake a song unless you can improve on it or atleast give the credit for the song to those who performed it originally.
U guys Rock!  03/08/2007          
Soul Gravy
Hey i am from texas and i got to see you guys in Stephanville and let me tell you in was so fun! I will come to the next one and as many ones as i can!!! I love all of yalls cds, so Keep on rocking! TEXASCHICKSLOVECCR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Harmon  06/24/2006          
Soul Gravy
These fellas have done something that all musicians dream of doing. They have a very "roadhouse" sound,(rock, country cross-over). I can not stand any country music but I love their sound with every thing they do.
Brian  05/06/2006          
Soul Gravy
I love everything from you guys, How often do you perform down in TX. Im from Huntsville and I would love to come to a show. Oh and this is an awesome album
***  02/20/2006          
Soul Gravy
This band is awesome and there are alot of fans of ur here in small town Stigler, Oklahoma and i know for a fact they would pay tons of money to see u boys...
shane  02/19/2006          
Soul Gravy
the guy going by eegra is a damn idiot they've sold out what the hell do you know they went on tour fpr a year with Dierks yall thers a big money maker and flat sound a poor guitar skills name somebody in texas music better on an electric guitar
nate  01/24/2006          
Soul Gravy
lots of heart
Doc  12/21/2005          
Soul Gravy
I'd rate this the best album in 2004. You need to immediately purchase this recording. You'll have a hard time taking in out of your CD player (or order the vinyl copy).
jf  12/21/2005          
Soul Gravy
one of the best cd's i have. hard to beat
eegra  10/11/2005          
Soul Gravy
CCR, like Reckless Kelly, is ok and this CD is more of that. Nothing special, certainly not country, a little bit boring but ok. Actually CCR's sound is kinda thin, and the guitar playing is average at best, not the best bunch of musicians I have ever heard. CCR should not do covers of songs becuase they always pale in comparision to the original. Even though Cody Canada co-wrote 'This Time Around' it isn't nearly as good as the Randy Rogers version. Even worse is 'Wanna Rock and Roll' which sounds horrible after hearing the Ray Wylie Hubbard version. There are other covers, we all know what they are.


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