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texas angel  04/18/2008          
Everything Upside Down
I love this CD. I can't get enough. I have to buy another copy because I've already worn the first one out.
KH  04/02/2008          
Everything Upside Down
Domi sounds like someone who may have a reason to hold a grudge. Methinks I've heard the other side of the story somewhere. But by all means, enjoy your KFC. I'll be busy wearing out my second copy of this awesome record.
Domi  07/03/2007          
Everything Upside Down
I attended the Watermellon festival in Luling in June. I had the most horrible time having to hear this band. I was not enthusiactic listening to their CDs and their show confirmed my opinion. Happily, Kevin Fowler saved this night. I've seen him 7 times and I can't get enough.
RRLJ  09/06/2006          
Everything Upside Down
Twice as Loud!!!,Half as Popular!!!
John  02/28/2006          
Everything Upside Down
hates shit music  11/05/2004          
Everything Upside Down
JS  04/13/2004          
Everything Upside Down
A red dirt poet. The best ever from Mike McClure. You can kick back with a bottle of wine and contemplate the meaning behind the words of this lyrical genius. OR, you can turn up the stereo, call your friends and down a few cold ones. This cd takes red dirt to a whole new level. The players are masters of their craft. ROCK N ROLL!
TL  04/12/2004          
Everything Upside Down
Words cannot express what this album makes you feel. If you haven't been fortunate enough to experience Mike McClure post-TGD, NOW is the time and this album is the way. No matter what type of music you gravitate towards, Mike has a song that will hit you where it counts. He can open your eyes, heart, and mind with his lyrics. The band is compiled of some of the greatest musical talents of our time. Check it out for yourself! You will not be sorry!
TB  04/12/2004          
Everything Upside Down
This album is awesome and definitely worth the wait! The new band slogan should be 'Twice as Loud, 5 Times as Good.' Mike has caught a lot of flack about playing rock instead of country--this album has no's just Great. The songs are honest and just doesn't get any better.
Beck H  03/25/2004          
Everything Upside Down
'Everything is Upside Down' is like an innocent man breaking out of prision. Its good to see Mike happy and loving what he is doing. Mike is truly the most honest artists of our time. There's so many artists flooding this circle that epitomize exactly what we dont need in music. The Mike McClure Band is honest and tight as hell. This album is about a change and all the good things to come. It just might open YOUR door.


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