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# 1 fan, Newton, TX  12/23/2008          
Out of all the CD's Randy has put out, this is by far my favorite!!!
ali sue  04/27/2008          
BRILLIANT! PERFECT! One of the best bands EVER! If you don't own this cd, BUY IT! along with their others!!! RRB IS THE F*ckin best! SOOOO FREAKING AWESOME! i think i made my point...
mwltexas  02/08/2008          
This is a really good cd, great display of Texas rock. The collaborative efforts in the writing I think really strengthed this cd. I thoroughly enjoyed the cd and is now in my regular rotation. I would recommend this one to Texas listeners.
Brian of SA  01/24/2007          
You guys kick ass. I first saw you at countyline in SA. I bought a cd and now own all of them. It's guys like you, CCR, Kevin Fowler & others that make outlaw radio what it is. Guys that write and sing there own music. You guys keep it up and i will see you next time you're in SA. GOD BLESS!
Brandie  11/12/2006          
I love the Randy Rogers Band!!! I saw them in concert in San Antonio last year for the first time and when they sang "They call it the hill country", I WAS HOOKED!!!The band is just great, i love listening to their CD's. GREAT TEXAS MUSIC!!!
Lou Beth Rubenstein  08/11/2006          
You couldnt get any better than randy rogers band they are very special I have listen and watch them grow and I know that that day will come soon CMA awards I love you Randy this is Johnny Rogers girlfriend Lou Beth I think you and the band are great Keep up all the hard work we are very proud of you and your band Lou Beth Rubenstein
SpringtxCowboys  07/22/2006          
*Randy F%!&in Rogers* the show at big texas was awesome...your always loved in spring tx...ill see u guys at the track in august!
Amanda K. B. Ft. Hood, Tx.  05/26/2006          
I heard these guys at LJT's in April this year and I had never even heard of them. I got an album and it was good so I ordered this one shortly after. I just got it and it is awesome. It's right up there with CCR. If you are looking for a RR CD this one would be a great choice. Totally recommended.
terry stephenson  05/09/2006          
Great original music from one of Texas' best bands. If you haven't heard them-you're missing something.
Cimarron  05/04/2006          
I went to the show in Nacogdoches, Huntsville, and College Station and I'll be at the Jasper and Beaumont shows too!! I LOVE RANDY ROGERS BAND!!


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