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Hoss  07/08/2006          
Live Across Texas
Roger Scratchin' Creager!!! this album rocks!!! nothin can duplicate my state pride like roger cregaer when he sings about gruene hall, canyon lake, and the guadalupe!!!!
Big City Hick  06/24/2006          
Live Across Texas
Grab a drink and leave the TV off.You are about to drift away on a vacation to Texas at its' finest.There are few live albums that can compete with this one.You will not skip a single song on this cd.More talent than most main stream artist.This will be a long career!
Brian  04/04/2006          
Live Across Texas
Roger is the man. By far the best performer I have seen. He writes great music, and knows how to interact with every single fan, through and CD and in concert. Live performances are a million times better than a studio CD, and Roger shows you why right here.
Andrew  03/02/2006          
Live Across Texas
Great live music. He puts on one hell of a show and listening to this album makes me believe that he just might be the next big thing in Texas. Listen to Storybook to see what i mean.
Cody  08/15/2005          
Live Across Texas
Best live album of the year, Great energy!
Tyler  12/05/2004          
Live Across Texas
Great cd, but poor sound quality. I like live recordings, but this one is a little rough.
Paul  10/14/2004          
Live Across Texas
I like the cd, before I bought this I only heard a few of Rogers songs but I read the reviews of the album and decided to try it out and its a keeper. He reminds me of old Pat Green stuff. Great songs and the crowd really gets into it which is why I like live albums and they have the artist better songs on them. I like the songs the mention things like Jerry Jeff, Robert Earl Keen, Mexico, dancehalls, broken hearts and drinking but thats just me. Best songs in my opinion are Fun All Wrong, Everclear, You Should've Learned By Now, Love, Things Look Good Around Here and Long Way To Mexico. LA Freeway is a great cover too. So If you're like me and and enjoy great Texas music pick it up. I suggest you listen and preview the songs before buying and see if appeals to you.
texican804  09/27/2004          
Live Across Texas
c.d. kicks serious ass...just like his a little suprised that this c.d. isnt leading the top seller charts though.
Texas Music Junkies  08/24/2004          
Live Across Texas
The way a Live CD should be recorded. Roger captures his live show energy, bottles it and presses it on to a cd. It's that good. One of the better live cd's I've heard in a while. Roger does it right!


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