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Walter  05/21/2009          
Ain't In It For The Money
I'm from the East Coast... and have been deprived of some good Country / Rock music for years. Keep it goin' guys !!
Phillip George  12/22/2007          
Ain't In It For The Money
micky and the motorcars are bad ass. they are one of my favorite bands. there is not one song on this CD or any of their other CD's i dont like.
Rachel  11/03/2006          
Ain't In It For The Money
This is an amazing CD! I just met these guys a week or two ago and their amazing in concert and in person!! I totally recommend this CD!
Lauren  02/13/2006          
Ain't In It For The Money
Great band with great lyrics. Brings back the talent of writing songs that you can sing to, and drive with the windows down listening to the whole cd, the whole way through....awesome...
Alex Caruso  12/02/2005          
Ain't In It For The Money
great tunes! .. I especially like what the drummer is doing - his playing is tight, well balanced, and full of soul .. lots of luck guys! -a-
Reckhead  11/29/2004          
Ain't In It For The Money
Hands down, the best CD of 2004.
MTG  10/05/2004          
Ain't In It For The Money
Absolutely an awesome album. The vocals and lyrics are solid and their sound has developed into something that really grabs you. They also picked a couple of great tunes to cover. As much as I liked Which Way from Here, I like this one even more. You will not be disappointed.

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