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Truckin' dude  02/07/2008          
Wicked Twisted Road
As I was passing thru West Texas I heard a song. "Baby's got a whole lot more" I thought God that sounds like RK! To my surprise they had a new album. This alnum tops all of RK's previous CDs Bringing together a mix a stomping rocking hits while still telling a soulful story of life on the road. A necessary addition to your road trip music,RK can take you from missing your girl back home to racing towards your next adventure
good stuff  11/26/2007          
Wicked Twisted Road
shut up andy
Johnny  04/28/2007          
Wicked Twisted Road
This cd is great. I had know idea who RK even was until I heard them on a Victoria texas radio station. The song was "Wicked Twisted Road," and since then, I've been sold. A great all around Cd, that I can listen to all the time.
andy ligon  03/01/2007          
Wicked Twisted Road
please, a little more of the drivin stuff, this one drags a little, these guy are probably the greatest talent in Texas Music. Crank it up a little
Chad Ryan  04/13/2006          
Wicked Twisted Road
Quite possibly the best album of the 300 or so I have. No matter what genre you perfer, this CD is one of those you can leave in the cd player of the truck untill you sell the truck. I usually perfer the original material when it comes to TX country artists, but this album is second to none. DO NOT PASS this one up.
randy zolman  12/26/2005          
Wicked Twisted Road
this is by far the best cd that i have ever bought i am traditionally a rock and alternative music listener but i would recommend this cd to anyone that enjoys listening to music and i will buy this cd again for friends of mine so they can enjoy it also as i said this is by far the best cd ive ever listened to and i cannot wait to find and purchase all of their previous releases
Katy  12/19/2005          
Wicked Twisted Road
This CD is absolutely amazing. All of Reckless Kelly's CDs are fabulous, and this one definitely continues the legacy. I highly recommend that you purchase it right away. I don't listen to anyone else, and you shouldn't either. Buy it! Trust me, you won't regret it.
AmericanaRoots  04/25/2005          
Wicked Twisted Road
We have a review up for Reckless Kelly's new album on Americana Roots in our weekly audio review show.
Jake  04/23/2005          
Wicked Twisted Road
I love this cd, great lyrics and tunes all the way through, standout tracks for me are: wicked twisted rode and dogtown
Gregg  03/28/2005          
Wicked Twisted Road
This is a great cd from a band that continues to deliver great music! Although Millican is still my favorite album of RK the latest is a great sound! We have a review up on our website,, for this CD. We have a weekly audio review show called Randall's Random Review which allows you to get a feel for the album by hearing a few tracks along with some great insight from the show's host, Ray Randall.

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