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Deric  05/02/2006          
Somewhere Down in Texas
This album is definitely not as good as Strait's last album, "Honkytonkville," which I think was his best in a long time. Strait's voice is great and the instrumentation is well done, but overall the songs are weak. There are about 3 or 4 good songs. The rest seem to be made for radio. Not much exciting here.
kenny earl  07/13/2005          
Somewhere Down in Texas
I agree, this album is weak except for "You'll Be There" and "Texas". With George Strait having access to the best songwriters, I am disappointed by the songs that he chose, same old cliched lyrics. This is a terrible follow up to "Honkytonkville", which was awesome.
Kyle  07/12/2005          
Somewhere Down in Texas
There are a couple of good songs, but like said most of the songs on this cd are slow and boring. And no, this isnt the same as Jason Bolands Somewhere Down in Texas
GS fan  07/09/2005          
Somewhere Down in Texas
One of the best cd's he has come out with in a while. A must buy I think.
Jeff  07/09/2005          
Somewhere Down in Texas
George Straits voice is good, arrangements are good, but the songs are not. Its too slow and too boring. He is hanging on to something that is not there and the album lacks passion. I will always be a fan of George Strait but this album is a weak attempt.
hunter  06/13/2005          
Somewhere Down in Texas
is this "somewhere down in texas" the same as jason bolands?
Randy  06/01/2005          
Somewhere Down in Texas
You'll Be There is agreat song and this will be another #1 album for George


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