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ryan   08/28/2006          
Nothing Left To Hide
all hell this cd aint bad, but it aint no texas time travelin either. i guess everyone kind of changed out of there original music, like pat,cory, ccr, and rrb. but dont get me wrong rrb music now is still good, but get the live at cheatem st warehouse cd now thats some texas country for your ass
Texan  06/30/2006          
Nothing Left To Hide
I guess Nashville gets to everybody..
Brittney Stewart who loves Andrew Munoz  02/17/2006          
Nothing Left To Hide
Pshh Beat of Your Heart is the bestest song ever
Mark a huge fan  01/11/2006          
Nothing Left To Hide
the first time i heard 'beat of your heart' on the radio i was immediately drawn to it. it sounded mostly like cory but i concluded that they must have done something with his voice in the studio. it didnt sound the same. the voice change really bothered me because it reminded me of when Pat's voice started sounding totally different(i hope someone knows what im talking about). but anyways i havent heard the whole album but i am in love with 'beat of your heart' its an amazing song.
Andrew  12/13/2005          
Nothing Left To Hide
Cory is a awesome singer song writer. This CD is his best work so far. I shoould know I have all of his.
Nick M  12/05/2005          
Nothing Left To Hide
First let me ask everyone one thing.... are you the same person that you were 4 years ago. Most of you are probably not the same, and neither is Cory. Just like all of us, he has grown up to. He is not exempt from change just because he's in the public eye. Same thing goes for Pat Green. I have done it, Cory has, and so have a lot of other people, now its time for all of you people that are bashing him to do it... grow up. As for the CD, i will be the first to admit that its a lot different than the old stuff. I love the old stuff as much as the next guy, but if thats all he put out for the next 50 years, i think i'd wanna shoot myself. I dig the change. a lot of great lyrics. You can tell theres a lot of meaning behind it. All that really matters is that a song moves you. This album can do that if you open up your ears and your mind. Keep on rockin Cory.
Josh McFarland  11/03/2005          
Nothing Left To Hide
I think this cd and Pat Green's Wave on wave are great! I'm sorry that it doesn't appeal to the same stuff that gets put out all the time but artist need to change too! just as their lives change and their song writing experiences change with them. There's always more to write and sing about than just Texas. Don't get me wrong, I love Texas. Good Luck Cory
TX AG  09/20/2005          
Nothing Left To Hide
Cory has been my #1 TEXAS COUNTRY singer for a long time but this reminded me of the Wave on Wave CD. Hope its not a trend. Cory Texas fans love you too much to go Nashville.
Shawn  09/19/2005          
Nothing Left To Hide
Disappointing. I listened to it twice.... and I am going to keep listening to it to try to figure out what he was trying to do before I totally discard it from my CD case. Oh well, I will still buy everything he outs out.
Texas Fan  09/13/2005          
Nothing Left To Hide


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